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Day 4z_7z

Day 4z_7z

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  • Si fueras mi marido

    If you were my husband.

  • Si hubieras sido mi marido.

    If you had been my hasband. (you'd)

  • Te envenenaria el café

    I would poison your coffee. (I'd)

  • Te hubiera envenenado tu café.

    I would have poisoned your coffee. (would've)

  • Si fueras mi mujer.

    If you were my wife

  • Si hubieras sido mi mujer.

    If you had been my wife. (I'd)

  • Me lo bebería.

    I would drink it. (I'd)

  • Me lo hubiera bebido.

    I would have drunk. (would've)

  • Si yo fuera hombre

    If I were a man

  • Si yo hubirea sido hombre

    If I had been a man. (I'd)

  • Me dejaría la barba.

    I would grow a beard. (I'd)

  • Me hubiera dejado crecer la barba

    I would have growN a beard. (would've)

  • Si el fuera nuestro jefe

    If he were our boss

  • Si el hubiera sido nuestro jefe.

    If he had been our boss. (he'd)

  • Le llamaríamos sir

    We would call him Sir. (We'd)

  • Le habríamos llamado sir

    We would have called him Sir. (would've)

  • Si fuesemos guerreros

    If we were warriors

  • Si hubiesemos sido guerreros

    If we had been warriors. (I'd)

  • Lucharíamos contra el mal.

    We would fight evil! (we'd)

  • Habríamos luchado contra el mal

    We would have fought evil! (would've)

  • Tu no estarías aquí

    You wouldn't be here

  • Si no fuera por tus padres

    If it weren't for your parents

  • A ella no le gustaría eso

    She wouldn't like it

  • Si le sucediese a ella

    If it happened to her

  • No lo harían

    They wouldn't do it

  • Si no lo disfrutasen

    If they didn't enjoy it

  • Te importaría?

    Would you mind?

  • Si me quitara las botas?

    If I took off my boots?

  • Le caería bien a el?

    Would he like me?

  • Si fuera mi jefe?

    If he were my boss?

  • Heriría yo tus sentimientos?

    Would I hurt your feeling?

  • Si yo no viniera?

    If I didn't come?