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Ielts vocs - 1000 collocations - Family

Ielts vocs - 1000 collocations - Family

Last update 

Items (25)

  • Immediate family

    Parents and siblings

  • Extended family

    All ur relatives: uncles, cousins...

  • Family tree

    Diagram relationships amongs family members

  • Distant relatives

    Person related to u by long series of connections

  • Loving family

    Close-knit family

  • Carefree childhood

    A childhood wih not thing to worry about

  • Dysfunctional family

    Family with bad/unhealthy relationships

  • Trouble childhood

    Childhood with abuse, poverty, problems with law

  • Bitter divorce

    Separation with bad/angry feelings

  • Messy divorce

    Separation with prolonged legal battle

  • Divorce settlement

    Decision about asset separation

  • Broken home

    Family which has divorces/separations

  • Custody of children

    Primary res. of caring for kids

  • Grant joint custody

    To share res. of caring for kids

  • Sole custody

    Assign res. of caring for kids to one parent

  • Pay child support

    Regular payment for expenses of kids

  • Mutual divorce/separation

    Separate without fighting

  • Stay on good tearms with SO

    Have a polite relationship

  • Get pregnant

    To have baby

  • Single mother

    Get pregnant without being married/relationship

  • Have an abortion

    To stop a pregnancy before the fetus can live

  • Give the baby up for adoption

    Give ur baby to other parents

  • Due date

    Time when the baby is planned to arrive

  • Raise the baby

    Bring up the baby

  • Birth mother

    Biological mother