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Day 10z

Day 10z

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Items (29)

  • Si yo hubiera colgado el teléfono

    If I'd hung up the phone,

  • habríamos acabado la conversación antes.

    we would have finished the conversation earlier

  • Desearías ser holandés?

    Do you wish you were Dutch?

  • Que pasaría si yo cogiese una mosca?

    What would happen if I caught a fly?

  • Nos habríamos perdido?

    Would we have got lost?

  • si hubieramos tenido GPS?

    if we'd had a GPS?

  • Que pasaría si el príncipe se casara con ella?

    What would happen if the prince married her?

  • Te habría gustado haber estado en lugar de el?

    Would you have liked to have been in his shoes?

  • Donde tendría lugar la conferencia?

    Where would the conference take place?

  • si no tuviera lugar aquí?

    if it didn't take place here?

  • Ojala no viviera en una ciudad grande.

    I wish I didn't live in a big city

  • No me habrías dado un toque?

    Wouldn't you have given me a shout?

  • si hubieras tenido mi número?

    if you'd had my number?

  • No nos lo habríamos pasado tan bien

    We wouldn't have had so much fun

  • si no hubieras venido tu

    if you hadn't come along

  • Ojalá yo fuera más inteligente.

    I wish I were more intelligent

  • Habría estado encendida la calefacción?

    Would the heating have been on?

  • si no hubiera hecho tanto frío?

    if it hadn't been so cold?

  • Cuanto hubiera durado?

    How long would it have lasted?

  • si no hubiera hecho tanto viento?

    if it hadn't been so windy?

  • Más gente habría asistido

    More people would've shown up

  • si no hubiera sido por el futbol

    if it hadn't been for the football.

  • Que habría decidido el?

    What would he have decided?

  • si hubiera sido el responsable?

    if he'd been in charge?

  • Donde se habría alojado el Ministro?

    Where would the Minister have stayed?

  • si hubiera pasado el verano en Euskadi?

    if he'd spent the summer in the Basque Country?

  • Se habrían arrepentido

    Would they have regretted it

  • si lo hubieran hecho

    if they head done it?

  • Te gustaría hablar un inglés perfecto?

    Do you wish you spoke perfect English?