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Verbal advantage (5/5)

Verbal advantage (5/5)

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  • BLANDISHMENT (BLAN-dish-mint) blandish /v/

    Flattering or coaxing speech or action; an ingratiating remark or gesture.

  • PROLIX (PROH-liks) Syn:circumlocutory,tautological,pleonastic. Ant:concise,terse,pithy,succinct,sententious.

    Wordy and tiresome;longwinded and boring;verbose;using more than necessary to get the point across.

  • APOCRYPHAL (uh-PAHK-ruh-ful) Syn:spurious,unauthorized,unauthenticated,fabricated,fraudulent,supposititious. Ant:genuine,authentic,valid,bona fide.

    Not genuine, counterfeit, illegitimate; specifically, of doubtful authenticity or authorship.

  • CUPIDITY (kyoo-PID-i-tee) Syn:avarice,acquisitiveness,covetousness,venality

    Greed, a strong desire for wealth or material things.

  • VERNAL (VUR-nul) Ant:hibernal,hiemal

    Pertaining to spring, occurring in the spring; also, having the qualities of spring: fresh, warm, and mild.

  • TEMERITY (tuh-MER-i-tee) temerarious Syn:nerve,cheek,gall,audacity,heedlessness,imprudence,impetuosity,presumptuousness,effrontery. Ant:timidity,bashfulness,faintheartedness,sheepishness,apprehension,diffidence,timorousness.

    Recklessness, rashness, foolhardiness; reckless disregard for danger, risk, or consequences.

  • RAPPROCHEMENT (rap-rohsh-MAH(N))

    Reconciliation, a reestablishing of friendly relations.

  • DISQUISITION (DIS-kwi-ZISH-un) Syn:(general)treatise,critique,commentary; (specific) lecture,thesis,oration,homily,tract,monograph,dissertation.

    A formal discussion of or inquiry into a subject; a discourse.

  • PROSCRIBE (proh-SKRYB) Syn:ban,denounce,disallow,condemn,censure,ostracize,expatriate,interdict. Ant:permit,tolerate,legalize,authorize,sanction.

    To prohibit, forbid, outlaw.

  • MUNIFICENCE (myoo-NIF-i-sins) munificent Syn:philanthropy,liberality,benevolence,bountifulness,bounteousness,beneficence,largess. Ant:stinginess,miserliness,closefistedness,penuriousness,parsimony.

    Great generosity, lavish giving.

  • PROBITY (PROH-bi-tee) Syn:uprightness,trustworthiness,scrupulousness,veracity,rectitude. Ant:improbity,dishonesty,deceitfulness,unscrupulousness,duplicity,malfeasance,perfidy.

    Honesty,integrity;fairness,straightforwardness. and sincerity in one's dealings with others.

  • PUISSANT (PYOO-i-sint; also, PWIS-int and pyoo-IS-int) puissance Syn:vigorous,potent,dynamic,stalwart. Ant:weak,feeble,infirm,debilitated,enervated,flaccid,valetudinarian.

    Powerful, mighty, strong, forceful.

  • PECULATE (PEK-yuh-layt) peculation

    To steal,embezzle;specifically, to steal or misuse money or property entrusted to one's care.

  • DIFFIDENT (DIF-i-dint)

    Shy,timid,bashful,lacking in self-confidence, hesitant to speak or act.

  • VENAL (VEE-nal) Synonym: mercenary

    Corruptible,bribable,capable of being bribed or bought off,able to be obtained for a price.

  • PARSIMONIOUS (PAHR-si-MOH-nee-us) parsimony Syn:grasping,money-grubbing,pennypinching,close-fisted,penurious,niggardly. Ant:generous,liberal,open-handed,bountiful,beneficent,magnanimous,munificent.

    Stingy, miserly, extremely tight with money.

  • PUSILLANIMOUS (PYOO-si-LAN-i-mus) pusillanimity

    Cowardly, lacking courage, timid, fainthearted, irresolute.

  • EXTANT (EK-stint)

    Existing, still in existence, not extinct, not lost oi destroyed.


    Tawdry, gaudy; attractive in a flashy or cheap way; falsely alluring; deceptively enticing.

  • XENOPHOBIA (ZEN-uh-FOH-bee-uh) Antonyms: xenomania

    Fear or hatred of strangers or foreigners, or of anything strange or foreign.

  • QUOTIDIAN (kwoh-TID-ee-in) Synonym: diurnal

    (1) Daily, recurring every day(2) Of an everyday nature; ordinary, commonplace, trivial.

  • EXIGENCY (EKS-i-jin-see)

    An urgency, pressing need; a situation demanding immediate attention or action.

  • PULCHRITUDE (PUHL-kri-t(y)ood) pulchritudinous

    Beauty, loveliness, attractiveness.


    The unraveling or resolution of a plot,as of a novel or a drama;the outcome or resolution of any complex situation.

  • FUGACIOUS (fyoo-GAY-shus) Syn:transient,ephemeral,transitory,evanescent.

    Fleeting, passing quickly away.

  • TURBID (TUR-bid)

    Literally,muddy,clouded,roiled,murky,as if from stirred-up sediment;figuratively,muddled,obscure, confused, not lucid.

  • INDEFEASIBLE (in-de-FEEZ-uh-buul)

    Not capable of being undone, taken away, annulled, or rendered void.

  • DISINGENUOUS (DIS-in-JEN-yoo-us) disingenuousness Syn:wily,subtle,slippery,deceptive,hypocritical,fraudulent,mendacious. Ant:ingenuous,truthful,frank,candid,unselfconscious,unaffected,guileless.

    Insincere, crafty, sly, not straightforward or frank.

  • SCURRILOUS (SKUHR-i-lus) scurrility Syn:shameless,indelicate,lewd,smutty,ribald,irreverent,insolent,disparaging,derisive,contumelious. Ant:polite,refined,tasteful,cultured,sophisticated,cultivated,decorous,urbane.

    Foul-mouthed, obscene; using or expressed in language that is coarse, vulgar, and abusive.

  • RECRUDESCENCE (REE-kroo-DES-ints) recrudesce /v/ recrudescent /a/

    A revival, renewal, fresh outbreak after a period of inactivity or quiescence.

  • DEFENESTRATE (dee-FEN-i-strayt) defenestration

    To throw something or someone out of a window.

  • DILATORY (DIL-uh-for-ee)

    Delaying,causing or intended to cause delay;also,slow,tardy,characterized by delay or procrastination.

  • VILIFY (VIL-uh-fy) vilification Syn:disparage,denigrate,stigmatize,malign,revile,vituperate,calumniate,traduce. Ant:praise,commend,laud,extol,glorify,eulogize,venerate.

    To defame, slander, attack with vicious, abusive language.

  • PHLEGMATIC (fleg-MAT-ik)

    Calm and unemotional;having a sluggish,apathetic temperament;difficult to move to emotion or action.

  • ADVENTITIOUS (AD-ven-TISH-us) Syn:foreign,extrinsic,incidental,extraneous,fortuitous,supervenient.

    Accidentally or casually acquired,not belonging naturally to something,associated by chance, not inherent or integral.

  • DESICCATED (DES-i-kay-tid) desiccate /v/ desiccation /n/

    Dried or dried up, dehydrated, deprived of moisture.

  • COMITY (KAHM-i-tee)

    Courtesy, civility, politeness, respectful and considerate behavior.

  • SPECIOUS (SPEE-shus)

    Appearing to be true, genuine,or correct but actually false or deceptive;superficially reasonable or just but not so in reality.

  • NOISOME (NOY-sum) Syn:injurious,ruinous,deleterious,noxious,baneful,malign,pernicious. Syn:rank,rancid,putrid,fetid,malodorous,mephitic. Ant:salutary,salubrious.

    (1) Harmful to health or well-being,unwholesome(2) Foul-smelling, offensive, disgusting.

  • CALUMNY (KAL-um-nee) calumnious calumniate Syn:backbiting,denigration,obloquy,vilification.

    Defamation of character, slander, a false and malicious statement or accusation meant to injure a person's reputation.

  • EXCORIATE (ek-SKOR-ee-ayt) excoriation Syn:abrade,chafe,scalp,gall,flay. Syn:censure,castigate,vituperate.

    (1) To strip,scrape,or tear off the skin.(2) To rebuke or denounce harshly and severely.

  • LASSITUDE (LAS-i-t(y)ood) Syn:listlessness,lethargy,debility,indolence,inertia,enervation,torpor,languor,oscitancy.

    Weariness, fatigue; a weak or exhausted state or feeling; a sluggish relaxation of body or mind.

  • TRADUCE (truh-D(Y)OOS) traducement Syn:defame,slander,denigrate,malign,vituperate,calumniate,vilify

    To publicly disgrace or humiliate by making false and malicious statements; to make a mockery of; expose to public ridicule or contempt.


    (1) The state of being partly clothed; partial undress. (2) The state of being casually or carelessly dressed, as in one's night clothes or lounging attire.

  • SATURNALIA (SAT-ur-NAY-lee-uh)

    An orgy, licentious merrymaking, unrestrained revelry.

  • EXTIRPATE (EK-stur-payt) extirpation Syn:eradicate,deracinate.

    To pull or dig up by the roots, root out, exterminate, abolish or destroy completely.

  • FLAGITIOUS (fluh-JISH-us) Syn:atrocious,egregious,heinous,diabolical,nefarious,odious,execrable.

    Extremely wicked; shamefully and scandalously criminal, vice-ridden, or corrupt.

  • PERIPATETIC (PER-i-puh-TET-ik) peripatetic /n/ Syn:ambulating,itinerant.

    Walking about, going from place to place on foot.

  • CACHINNATE (KAK-i-nayt) cachinnation

    To laugh loudly and immoderately, laugh convulsively or hysterically.

  • MANUMIT (MAN-yoo-MIT) Syn:unshackle,unfetter,enfranchise,disenthrall. Ant:enslave,enthrall,subjugate,shackle,fetter,manacle,trammel.

    To set free, liberate, emancipate, deliver from slavery or bondage.

  • EXPIATION (EK-spee-AY-shin) expiate /v/

    Atonement; reparation for a sin, crime, or offense.

  • JEJUNE (ji-JOON) Syn:flat,stale,arid,insipid,vapid

    Dull,uninteresting,or unsatisfying;devoid of nourishment, substance, or significance.

  • PAUCITY (PAW-si-tee) Syn:dearth,shortage,deficiency,exiguity Ant:superabundance,superfluity,plethora.

    An insufficiency,scarcity,especially a serious or extreme one,a dire lack.

  • MINATORY (MIN-uh-for-ee) Syn:minacious.

    Threatening,menacing;having a threatening or menacing aspect or nature.

  • PUTATIVE (PYOO-tuh-tiv) Ant:certain,definite,unquestionable,indisputable,indubitable,incontrovertible,irrefragable.

    Supposed,reputed,commonly considered or regarded as such; deemed to be so but not proved.

  • LUCUBRATION (LOO-kyoo-BRAY-shin) lucubratory /a/

    Nocturnal labor; study, writing, or work done late at night.

  • TROGLODYTE (TRAHG-luh-dyt) troglodytic

    (1) A cave dweller(2)A person who lives or behaves in a primitive,brutish,or crude manner(3) A person who lives in seclusion.

  • ALEATORY (AY-lee-uh-for-ee)

    Depending on luck, chance, or on some contingent event; hence, uncertain, unpredictable.

  • FARRAGO (fuh-RAY-goh, also fuh-RAH-goh) farraginous Syno:conglomeration,medley,mishmash,hodgepodge,miscellany,potpourri,pastiche,salmagundi.

    A mixture, especially a confused or jumbled mixture.

  • CYNOSURE (SY-nuh-shuur)

    A center of attention or interest, focal point.

  • BADINAGE (bad'n-AHZH, also BAD'n-azh) Syn:repartee,raillery,persiflage.

    Banter; playful, teasing talk; good-natured joking or gently mocking conversation.

  • HIERATIC (HY-ur-AT-ik) Syn:clerical,ministerial,pastoral,ecclesiastical,sacerdotal.

    Priestly; pertaining to or used by priests; reserved for holy or sacred uses (hieratic writings, vestments, etc.).

  • SATURNINE (SAT-ur-nyn) Syn:grave,melancholy,morose,taciturn,phlegmatic Ant:mercurial,sanguine.

    Gloomy, sullen, or somber in appearance, manner, or temperament.

  • EXECRATE (EKS-uh-krayt) execrable /a/

    To denounce vehemently,declare hateful or detestable;also, to loathe,abhor,detest utterly.

  • VITIATE (VISH-ee-ayt) vitiation

    To corrupt,spoil,ruin,contaminate,impair the quality of,make faulty or impure;also,to weaken morally, defile, debase.

  • VENIAL (VEE-nee-ul)

    Excusable, forgivable, pardonable, able to be overlooked.

  • RISIBLE (RIZ-i-buul) Syn:laughable,amusing,ludicrous,hilarious,ridiculous,droll

    Provoking or capable of provoking laughter.

  • LIONIZE (LY-uh-nyz)

    To treat a person as a celebrity or as an object of great interest or importance.

  • CONTRETEMPS (KAHN-truh-ta(n))

    An embarrassing,awkward,unexpected situation or event;a sudden mishap or hitch; an inopportune occurrence.

  • RODOMONTADE (RAHD-uh-mun-TAYD) Syn:bluster,braggadocio,vainglory,gasconade,fanfaronade,jactitation.

    Arrogant boasting or bragging.

  • HEBETUDE (HEB-i-t(y)ood) hebetate /v/ hebetudinous /a/

    Stupidity, dullness, obtuseness, lethargy of mind or spirit.

  • SANGUINE (SANG-gwin)

    Confident, cheerful, hopeful, optimistic.

  • DEIPNOSOPHIST (dyp-NAHS-uh-fist)

    An adept conversationalist, especially one who enjoys conversing at the table.

  • FRANGIBLE (FRAN-ji-buul)

    Breakable, fragile, frail, delicate, easily damaged or destroyed.

  • APODICTIC (AP-uh-DIK-tik) Syn:incontestable,incontrovertible,irrefragable.

    Absolutely certain, necessarily true, proved or demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt.

  • FULMINATE (FUHL-mi-nayt) fulmination

    To explode, especially to explode with invective and denunciations; to shout forth condemnation and censure.

  • SCARIFY (SKAR-i-fy) scarification Syn:lacerate,flay,castigate,vituperate,excoriate

    (1) To wound the feelings of; make cutting remarks about; distress by criticizing sharply. (2) (medicine) To make a series of shallow cuts or punctures in the skin, as invaccinating. (3) (agriculture) To cut into the ground; loosen or break up the soil either to aerate it or in preparation for planting.

  • HEBDOMADAL (heb-DAHM-uh-dul) hebdomad

    Weekly; pertaining to a week or seven-day period.

  • DIVAGATE (DY-vuh-gayt) divagation

    To wander, ramble, or drift about hence, to digress.

  • IATROGENIC (eye-AT-truh-JEN-ik) Ant: pathological

    Caused by medical examination or treatment.

  • TERGIVERSATION (TUR-jiv-ur-SAY-shin) tergiversate /v/ Syn:abandonment,defection.

    Desertion;specifically, the act of deserting something to which one was previously loyal,such as a cause, a party, or a religious faith.

  • NACREOUS (NAY-kree-us) nacre /n/ Syn:iridescent,margaritaceous.

    Pearly, consisting of or resembling mother-ofpearl.

  • FAMANT (FAY-nee-int) Syn:do-nothing,shiftless,slothful,lackadaisical,lethargic,indolent,somnolent,torpid,otiose,hebetudinous.

    Lazy, idle, sluggish, good-for-nothing.

  • HISPID (HIS-pid)

    Covered with stiff hairs, bristles, or small spines; rough and bristly.

  • LONGANIMITY (LAHNG-guh-NIM-i-tee) Syn: forbearance.

    Long-suffering patience; the ability to calmly endure hardship or suffering.

  • SCIOLIST (SY-uh-list) sciolism /n/

    A person who has only superficial knowledge of a subject, or who pretends to have knowledge.

  • PROPINQUITY (pro-PING-kwi-tee)

    (1) Nearness in place or time, proximity.(2) Nearness or similarity in nature, kinship, close relation.

  • FACTITIOUS (fak-TISH-us) Syn:sham,contrived,bogus, fraudulent, spurious

    Not natural or genuine, produced artificially.

  • PLEXIFORM (PLEK-si-form)

    In general, complicated or elaborate; specifically, like a plexus or network.

  • SUSURRUS (suu-SUR-us) susurrate /v/ susurrant /a/ Syn: susurration

    A soft,subdued sound; a whispering, murmuring,muttering,or rustling sound.

  • TRITURATE (TRICH-ur-ayt) trituration Syn:pulverize,comminute,levigate.

    To grind,crush,or pound into fine particles or powder.

  • PROTEAN (PROH-tee-in)

    Highly variable or changeable;readily assuming different shapes,forms,characters,or meanings.

  • CREPITATE (KREP-i-tayt) crepitant /a/ crepitation /n/

    To crackle;make a crackling,snapping,or popping noise

  • NOCTIVAGANT (nahk-TIV-uh-gint) noctivagation

    Wandering at night.

  • FULIGINOUS (fyoo-LIJ-i-nus)

    Sooty,smoky;pertaining to,resembling,or consisting of soot or smoke.

  • HORTATORY (HOR-tuh-for-ee)

    Encouraging or urging to some course of action;giving earnest counsel or advice.

  • HELIOLATRY (HEE-lee-AHL-uh-tree) heliolater /n/ heliolatrous /a/

    Worship of the sun.

  • SCIAMACHY (sy-AM-i-kee)

    Shadow-boxing; the act of fighting a shadow or an imaginary enemy.