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Latin IGCSE Vocabulary (A)

Latin IGCSE Vocabulary (A)

Last update 

Latin Vocabulary from the IGCSE Syllabus 2017.

Items (57)

  • by, from

    a (ab)

  • I am absent, I am away

    absum, abesse, afui

  • and

    ac, atque

  • it happens

    accidit, -ere, accidit

  • I receive, I accept

    accipio, -ere, accepi, acceptum

  • keen, fierce

    acer, acris, acre

  • to, towards, near

    ad + acc.

  • to such an extent, so much


  • still, up till now


  • I am present, I am here

    adsum, adesse, adfui

  • young man, young woman

    adulescens, -ntis m. f.

  • arrival

    adventus, -us m.

  • I build

    aedifico (1)

  • ill, sick

    aeger, -gra, -grum

  • field

    ager, agri m.

  • I attack

    aggredior, aggredi, aggressus sum

  • column (of men)

    agmen, -inis n.

  • I do, drive, spend (time)

    ago, -ere, egi, actum

  • farmer

    agricola, -ae m.

  • someone, anyone

    aliquis, -qua, -quid

  • another, other (some…others)

    alius, -a, -ud (alii…alii)

  • the other, second

    alter, altera, alterum

  • high, deep

    altus, -a, -um

  • I walk

    ambulo (1)

  • friend

    amicus, -i m.

  • I lose

    amitto, -ere, amisi, amissum

  • I love

    amo (1)

  • love

    amor, -ris m.

  • or (whether ... or)

    an (utrum ... an)

  • slave-girl, maid

    ancilla, -ae f.

  • mind, heart, feeling, spirit

    animus, -i m.

  • year

    annus, -i m.

  • before, in front of

    ante + acc.

  • previously


  • before


  • ancient, old

    antiquus, -a, -um

  • I approach

    appropinquo (1) + dat.

  • suitable, appropriate

    aptus, -a, -um

  • with, among, at the house of

    apud + acc.

  • water

    aqua, -ae f.

  • altar

    ara, -ae f.

  • tree

    arbor, -oris f.

  • I summon, I call

    arcesso, -ere, -ivi, -itum

  • arms, weapons

    arma, -orum n. pl.

  • art, skill

    ars, artis f.

  • I climb, go up

    ascendo, -ere, ascendi, ascensum

  • harsh, terrible

    atrox, atrocis m. f. n.

  • astonished

    attonitus, -a, -um

  • bold

    audax, audacis m. f. n.

  • I dare

    audeo, -ere, ausus sum

  • I hear

    audio (4)

  • I take away, I steal

    aufero, auferre, abstuli, ablatum

  • palace

    aula, -ae f.

  • or (either…or)

    aut (aut…aut)

  • but, however


  • help

    auxilium, -i n.

  • bird

    avis, -is f.