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Englisch 13. Jahrgangsstufe (Vorbereitung)

Englisch 13. Jahrgangsstufe (Vorbereitung)

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Wortschatz Allgemeines Abitur Bayern "FOCUS ON SUCCESS" FOS/BOS

Items (54)

  • Ausdruck

    word or phrase, expression

  • Benzin

    gas, petrol

  • Definition

    explanation of a word, definition

  • Fähigkeit

    thing you are good at, skill, ability

  • Geldautomat

    machine which lets people take money from their bank accounts, cash machine

  • Glück haben

    to be lucky

  • Hausaufgaben

    homework, schoolwork

  • Heimtrainer

    bike which is used for keeping fit, exercise bike

  • Ist das dein Ernst?

    used to show suprise, Are you joking?

  • Kino

    cinema, movies, movie theater

  • Kneipe

    bar, pub

  • Kumpel

    friend, mate

  • Note

    result at school, mark

  • Qualifikation, Ausbildung

    job, qualification

  • Reihnfolge

    sequence, order

  • Sprechblase

    circle with words to show what someone says, speech bubble

  • Strafstoß


  • Teilzeitjob

    to work part-time, part-time job

  • Trainer

    trainer, coach

  • Umfrage

    set of questions used to find out peoples`s opinions, survey

  • Unternehmer, Arbeitgeber

    to employ, employer

  • Wochentag

    on weekdays, weekday

  • Zeug

    stuff, things

  • allgemein

    most of the time, basic, general

  • anprobieren

    to put on a piece of clothing to see whether you like it, to try on

  • ausführen

    to do a task, to carry out

  • der Mühe wert

    important, worth doing, worthwhile

  • die Obdachlosen

    people who have no home, the homeless

  • ein Tor erziehlen

    to score a goal

  • entdecken

    n: discovery, to discover

  • ersetzen

    to put sth. in the place of sth. else, to replace

  • erwarten

    to expect

  • freiwillig

    voluntary, v: to volunteer

  • gegenwärtig

    at the moment, at present

  • gewalttätig

    violent, n: violence

  • gewiss, sicher

    certain, definite

  • gewöhnlich, normal

    ordinary, normal

  • in Discos gehen

    to go out to clubs, to go clubbing

  • leiden

    to suffer, to become worse

  • leider

    unfortunately, sorry, I`m afraid

  • nach, gemäß

    as reported by, according to

  • nicht unbedingt

    not necessarily, adj: necessary

  • passend, geeignet

    suitable, appropriate

  • prüfen

    to examine, to test

  • rumhängen

    to hang around, to spend a lot of time in a place

  • selten

    seldom, not very often, rarely

  • sich beziehen auf

    to refer to, to talk about sth. specific

  • sich entspannen

    to relax, to chill out

  • statt, anstatt (von)

    rather than, instead of

  • ständig, dauerhaft

    permanent, opp: temorary

  • unten

    below, opp. above

  • wertvoll

    useful, important, valuable

  • zurechtkommen

    to manage

  • überall

    everywhere, all over the place