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English B FH Dortmund

English B FH Dortmund

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  • Factory / Werk


  • The total value of a company minus the net value of the tangible assets.


  • Tochterunternehmen


  • The process of checking the finances and contracts of a company before the purchase of its assets or shares, to ensure all relevant information has been given. / Careful investigation of the investment.

    due diligence

  • Vergütung in Naturalien

    in kind

  • per Scheck

    by check

  • Überstunden / additional time to your normal hours of work


  • Aktienmarkt / Market where you trade shares

    share/ stock market

  • Binnenmarkt

    domestic market

  • Marktanteil

    market share

  • payment what you get for your work (also include bonuses)


  • extra payment for extra work / good work/ money as a reward


  • extra payment/ Bsp. Fahrtgeld / money you give to people for petrol, compensation for business trip / Zuschüsse in jeder Art


  • money paid to health ensurance / unemployment schemes / Sozialbeiträge

    employer social contributions

  • money paid to the government user for public tasks -> provide for protection, infrastructure / mit der Beschäftigung verbundene Steuer / Arbeits- und Lohnsteuer

    employment tax

  • Euro Area 17

    EA 17

  • Europian Union 27

    EU 27

  • people that only can do one thing

    punch the numbers

  • Zahlenjongleur

    number cruncher

  • Interessenvertreter


  • gesetzliche Bestimmung / Voraussetzung

    legal requirement

  • Wages and salary costs include direct remunerations, bonuses, allowances, payment to employee saving schemes. Payment for days not worked and remunerations (food, drink…)


  • Labor costs other than wages and salaries include employers`social contribution plus employment taxes/ everything except wages and salaries


  • wage and non-wage costs less subsidies. It does not include vocational training costs or other expenditures such as recruitment costs, spending on working clothes etc.


  • Behörden


  • Kartellgesetzgebung


  • Kartellgesetzgebung / Legislation owned by a strong instance at a market.

    monopoly legislation

  • insbesondere


  • Bezugsquellen

    sources of supply

  • Versorgungsweg

    supply channel

  • verfügbar


  • Haushaltsplanung


  • Berichtspflichten

    reporting requirements

  • head of the finance department ( in English)


  • Controller (Deutsch) -> internes ReWe

    management accounting

  • messen / erfassen

    to measure

  • Übernahme / taking control of a company by buying most of it shares


  • another word for abroad


  • big investment of a company, for example buying another company


  • a company´s raw material and finished and unfinished products that haven’t been sold yet


  • typical for that is the profit and loss account

    income statement

  • It may be possible to measure all of these at their fair value, which would allow the recognition of unrealized gains

    financial instruments

  • you invest cash in a company but you have no say or control

    silent partnership

  • dividing the labor costs by number of hours worked / Arbeitskostenindex

    labor cost index

  • stündliche Arbeitskosten

    hourly labor costs

  • Messe / a place where new products are presented

    trade fair

  • Tochtergesellschaft gründen

    to establish a subsidiary

  • einen Wettbewerber übernehmen

    to acquire a competitor

  • Vermögenswerte aneignen, erhalten

    to get hold of assets

  • auf Veränderungen reagieren

    reacting to changes

  • Risiko auf andere verteilen

    spreading the risk

  • Arbeitskosten

    cost of work

  • ->customs duty -> Zollgebühr


  • Konjunkturindikator / Indicator about the financial situation

    short- term indicator

  • fixed amount of money ( not dependent on hours of work)


  • money you get, depending on hours of work


  • Subventionen/ Zuschüsse -> extra money that you get


  • Ausbildung

    vocational training

  • Sparmodelle / Plans to save money

    saving schemes

  • Arbeitnehmersparmodelle

    employee saving schemes

  • zuweisen, Zuweisung

    to allocate

  • arbeitsfähig, anstellbar


  • korrekt, genau, präzise


  • to have knowledge about something

    familiarity with

  • fließend -> language


  • Financial Times Stock Exchange 100 listed companies

    FTSE 100

  • high position in the company / sector

    senior management

  • zusammengefasst