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Confluence by Atlassian - Editor Shortcuts

Confluence by Atlassian - Editor Shortcuts

Last update 

Be a pro at adding content to Confluence with this handy shortcut pack.

Items (25)

  • Ctr+0

    Apply paragraph style

  • Ctr+(1–6)

    Apply a heading level to current line

  • Ctr+7

    Apply the preformatted style

  • Ctr+8

    Apply block quote style

  • Ctrl+Shift+A

    Open Macro Browser

  • Ctrl+B

    Make selected text bold

  • Ctrl+Shift+B

    Format text as a bulleted list

  • Ctrl+Shift+D

    Insert wiki markup

  • Ctrl+Shift+E

    Preview page you are editing

  • Ctrl+F

    Open Find and Replace toolbar

  • Ctr+I

    Make selected text italic

  • Ctrl+Shift+J

    Insert a JIRA issue

  • Ctrl+K

    Insert a link

  • Ctrl+Shift+K

    See a list of locations to link to

  • Ctrl+M

    Insert image

  • Ctrl+Shift+M

    See a list of suggested files to embed

  • Ctrl+Shift+N

    Format text as a numbered list

  • Ctrl+S

    Save the page you are editing

  • Ctrl+Shift+S

    Format text with a strike through

  • Ctrl+U

    Make selected text underlined

  • Ctrl+Y

    Revert an action that was undone

  • Ctrl+Z

    Undo most recent action

  • Tab

    Indent current line in lists

  • Shift+Tab

    'Outdent' current line in lists

  • Shift+Enter

    'Outdent' current line in lists