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Russian verbs

Russian verbs

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russian verbs

Items (12)

  • мочь/cмочь


  • мо́г/cмо́г(ла́)

    could (imp/perf)

  • cмогу́

    I will be able to

  • стать

    to begin to/to become

  • ста́ну

    I will become

  • съе́л(a)

    I have eaten

  • захоте́л(a)

    I have liked

  • уви́дел(a)

    I have seen

  • казаться

    to look, to appear, to seem

  • кажу́сь

    I seem

  • каза́лся

    I looked like (masc)

  • каза́лась

    I looked like (fem)