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Greek Alphabet for Learners of Modern Greek

Greek Alphabet for Learners of Modern Greek

Last update 

Format: Q: Greek uppercase letter, Greek lowercase letter A: English letter name, English pronunciation equivalent

Items (24)

  • Α, α

    alpha, a

  • Β, β

    beta, v

  • Γ, γ

    gamma, g

  • Δ, δ

    delta, d

  • Ε, ε

    epsilon, e

  • Ζ, ζ

    zeta, z

  • Η, η

    eta, ī

  • Θ, θ

    theta, th

  • Ι, ι

    iota, i

  • Κ, κ

    kappa, k

  • Λ, λ

    lamda, l

  • Μ, μ

    mu, m

  • Ν, ν

    nu, n

  • Ξ, ξ

    xi, x

  • Ο, ο

    omicron, o

  • Π, π

    pi, p

  • Ρ, ρ

    rho, r

  • Σ, σ,ς

    sigma, s

  • Τ, τ

    tau, t

  • Υ, υ

    upsilon, y

  • Φ, φ

    phi, f

  • Χ, χ

    chi, kh

  • Ψ, ψ

    psi, ps

  • Ω, ω

    omega, o