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American English File 1 - 3B Simple Present Verbs

American English File 1 - 3B Simple Present Verbs

Last update 

(8/17) Section 3B This pack is for students learning the American English File 1 from Oxford University Press (OUP). The level is A2 Upper Basic.

Items (20)

  • to get up


  • go home

    ir a casa

  • go shopping

    ir de compras

  • go to bed

    ir a la cama

  • go to my English class

    ir a mi clase de Inglés

  • go to the gym

    ir al gimnasio

  • go to work

    ir a trabajar

  • have a coffee

    tomar un café

  • have breakfast


  • have dinner


  • have lunch

    comer (al mediodía)

  • make dinner

    hacer de cenar

  • sleep


  • start work

    empezar a trabajar

  • take a shower

    bañarse con regadera

  • do homework

    hacer la tarea

  • get dressed


  • to get home

    llegar a casa

  • to get to school

    llegar a la escuela

  • finish work

    terminar de trabajar