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American English File 1 - 4A Can/Can't

American English File 1 - 4A Can/Can't

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(11/17) Section 4A This pack is for students learning the American English File 1 from Oxford University Press (OUP). The level is A2 Upper Basic.

Items (27)

  • to come here

    venir aquí

  • to dance the tango

    bailar tango

  • to draw a picture

    dibujar un retrato

  • to find some money

    encontrar dinero

  • to give someone a present

    darle a alguien un regalo

  • to hear a noise

    escuchar un ruido

  • to help someone

    ayudar a alguien

  • to look for your keys

    buscar tus llaves

  • to meet a friend

    encontrarte con un amigo

  • to paint a picture

    pintar un retrato

  • to play chess

    jugar ajedrez

  • to ride a bike

    montar la bicicleta

  • to run a race

    correr una carrera

  • to see a movie

    ver una pelicula

  • to sing a song

    cantar una canción

  • to buy a newspaper

    comprar el periódico

  • to call a taxi

    llamar a un taxi

  • to swim every day

    nadar todos los días

  • to take photos

    tomar fotografías

  • to take your umbrella

    llevar tu paráguas

  • to talk to a friend

    hablar con un amigo

  • to tell someone a secret

    decirle a alguien un secreto

  • to travel by plane

    viajar por avion

  • to turn on the TV

    prender la Televisión

  • to use a computer

    usar una computadora

  • to wait for a bus

    esperar el camión

  • to walk home

    caminar a casa