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Old Norse

Old Norse

Last update 

Complete vocabulary from the book Viking Language (it's not finished yet, I'm going by alphabetical order)

Items (127)

  • Aðalráðr konungr

    (m) King Æthelred II of England

  • aðra

    (f) acc sg & (m) acc pl of annarr

  • aðrir

    (m) nom pl of annarr

  • af

    (+ dat) of, by; off, out of, from

  • afar


  • afarmenni

    (n) big or strong man

  • afbragð

    (n) outstanding

  • afbrigði

    (n) deviation, transgression, offense

  • afl

    (n) physical strength, might, power

  • afreksmaðr

    (m) outstanding or excepcional man

  • aka

    to drive

  • akkeri

    (n) anchor

  • akr (-s, -rar)

    (m) field, crop

  • ala

    give birth to; bring up, raise (children)

  • alda

    gen pl of öld

  • aldinn

    aged, old

  • aldr (-rs, -rar)

    (m) age; lifetime; old age; long period of time

  • aldregi


  • aldri


  • Alförðr (-s)

    (m) All-Father, i.e., Odin

  • alheimskr

    completely foolish

  • alin/ alnar/ álnar

    (f) Old Icelandic 'ell', about half a yard; unit of value, typically of woolen cloth

  • alla

    (f) acc sg & (m) acc pl of allr

  • allan

    (m) acc sg of allr

  • allfríðr

    very beautiful

  • allmikill

    very great

  • allr (m), öll (f), allt (n)

    all, entire, whole

  • allra

    gen pl of allr

  • allri

    (f) dat sg of allr

  • allt

    completely, entirely; everywhere

  • Alrekr (-s)

    (m) Alrek, personal name

  • alsnotr

    sagacious, wise (of a woman)

  • alsvartr

    pure black

  • alþýða

    (f) all the people, the majority of the people; tbe public, the common people

  • ambátt/ ambótt (-ir)

    (f) handmaid, maidservant

  • andi

    (m) breath, spirit

  • Andvari

    (m) Andvari, personal name

  • angr (gen angrs

    (m) grief, sorrow

  • annan

    (m) acc sg of annarr

  • annarr (m), önnur (f), annat (n)

    one of two, other, another; second

  • annar... annarr

    one... the other

  • aptann (dat aptni, gen aptans, pl aptnar)

    (m) evening

  • aptr (superl aptrast/epztr

    back, again

  • arfi

    (m) heir

  • arfr (-s)

    (m) inheritance

  • argr

    cowardly, effeminate, homosexual

  • armr (sust)

    (m) arm

  • armr (adj)

    poor, infortunate, unhappy; vile, wretched, wicked

  • Arnfastr (-s)

    (m) Arnfast, personal name

  • askr (-s, -ar)

    (m) ash, ash tree; ash spear; small ship; the great ash tree Yggdrasill

  • Assurr/ Özurr (-s)

    (m) Assur, personal name

  • at (prep)

    (+ dat) at, in; as to, as, with respect to; on account of, by reason of; close up to, around, by

  • at (conj)


  • atall (m), ötul (f), atalt (n)

    fierce, aggresive

  • Atall (-s)

    (m) Atal, personal name

  • atburðr (-ar, -ir)

    (m) occurrence, event

  • atganga

    (f) attack

  • atgørvi

    (f) (n) ability, talent, accomplishment

  • atgørvimaðr/ atgervimaðr

    (m) man of accomplishments

  • atkváma

    (f) arrival

  • atlaga

    (f) attack, laying ships alongside to attack

  • atróðr (gen atróðrs)

    (m) rowing towards, rowing against

  • atseta

    (f) a royal residence

  • auðgi

    (m) weak nom sg of auðigr

  • auðigr/ auðugr (acc auðgan)

    rich, wealthy

  • auga

    (n) eye

  • auk

    (+ gen) aside from

  • auka

    increase, augment; (+ dat) add; exceed, surpass

  • aurr (-s)

    (m) mud

  • ausa

    pour, sprinkle

  • austan

    from the east

  • Austmaðr

    (m) person from the east, Norwegian

  • austr (-rs, superl austrastr)

    (n) east; adv eastward

  • austrför (pl austfarar)

    (f) travels to the east, usually in pl

  • Austrlönd

    (n) pl the eastern lands, eastern Europe; Russia and the Orient

  • austrvegr (-s, -ir)

    (m) the east, i.e, the Baltic, literally the eastern way

  • austrœnn

    adj eastern

  • auvirðismaðr

    (m) worthless wretch, wretched man

  • á (gen ár, pl ár, dat ám, gen á)

    (f) river

  • á

    1/3 sig pres of eiga

  • á prep

    (+acc) onto, on, towards (motion); with respect to, (+ dat) on; upon; at; in (position)

  • á brott


  • á milli

    var of milli

  • ádr

    before; already

  • áeggjun (-ar)

    (f) egging on, urging

  • ágætr


  • ái (á, ár)

    (m) great-grandfather

  • ákafamaðr

    aggressive man

  • ákafliga

    exceedengly, very; vehemently, impetuosly

  • ákafr (m), áköf (f)


  • ál (-ar)

    (f) leather strap

  • Álfheimr

    (m) Alfheim, World of the Elves

  • álfr (-s, -ar)

    (m) elf

  • Áli

    (m) ali, personal name, short of Áleifr/ Ólafr

  • álit

    (n) appearance

  • Álof

    (f) Alof, personal name

  • álpt (pl áptir/ elptr)

    (f) swan

  • Álptanes

    (n) Alptanes, place name

  • álög

    (n) pl dues of taxes

  • án

    (+ gen) without

  • ár

    (n) year

  • árferð (-ir)

    (f) season, harvest

  • Árni

    (m) Arni, personal name

  • ársæll

    fortunate as to the seasonal harvest

  • ársælstr

    superl of ársæll

  • árvænn

    promising a good seasonal harvest

  • ásamt

    adv together

  • Ásbjörn (gen Ásbjarnar)

    (m) Asbjorn, personal name

  • Ásbrú

    (f) Asbru, another name for Bifröst

  • Ásdís

    (f) Asdis, personal name

  • Ásgarðr

    (m) Asgard, residence of the gods

  • Ásgerðr (acc/dat Ásgerði, gen Ásgerðar)

    (f) Asgerd, personal name

  • Ásgrímr (-s)

    (m) Asgrim, personal name

  • ásjá

    (f) help, aid, protection; inspection; appearance, shape

  • Ásmunðr (s)

    (m) Asmund, personal name

  • áss (dat æsi/ás, gen áss/ásar, pl æsir, acc ásu/æsi)

    (m) god

  • Æsir

    pl one of the two major groups of gods

  • ást

    (f) love, affection, frequently used in plural with same meaning

  • Ásta

    (f) Asta, personal name

  • Ásvaldr (-s)

    (m) Asvald, personal name

  • ásynja

    (f) goddess

  • ár

    1/3 sg past of eta

  • átta (ord áttandi/áttundi/átti)


  • átti

    3sg past of eiga

  • áttján (ord áttjándi)


  • áttu

    3pl past of eiga

  • ávant (n)

    adj only in n and in the phrase er ávant: is wanted, needed