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Apple Finder Shortcuts

Apple Finder Shortcuts

Last update 

Get productive with this Apple Finder Shortcuts pack.

Items (39)

  • option + Drag

    Explicit COPY

  • cmd + Drag

    Explicit MOVE

  • cmd option + Drag

    Make alias in new location

  • cmd D


  • cmd L

    Make Alias

  • cmd R

    Show original

  • cmd O

    Open item

  • cmd ↓

    Open item

  • cmd S


  • cmd shift S

    Save as

  • cmd N

    New Finder window

  • cmd shift N

    New Folder

  • cmd Q

    Quit Application

  • cmd W

    Close Window

  • cmd option W

    Close all Windows

  • cmd I

    Get Info

  • cmd option I

    Super Get Info (change whatever you click on)

  • cmd option S

    Show/Hide the Finder sidebar

  • cmd option Y

    Toggle Slideshow mode (show selected graphic files full-screen)

  • cmd P


  • cmd T

    Add to Favorites

  • cmd delete

    Move to Trash

  • cmd E


  • cmd F


  • cmd ~

    Cycle finder windows (including desktop)

  • Tab

    Highlight next item

  • cmd + double-click folder icon

    will open in new window

  • cmd + up

    Move up one directory

  • cmd + [

    go back

  • cmd + ]

    go forward

  • cmd shift A

    Open Applications Folder

  • cmd shift D

    Open Desktop Folder

  • cmd shift U

    Open Applications/Utilities/ Folder

  • cmd shift H

    Open Home Folder

  • cmd shift K

    Go to network

  • cmd K

    Connect to server

  • cmd shift G

    Go to folder... (type full path)

  • cmd shift delete

    Empty Trash (Finder Menu )

  • cmd shift option delete

    Empty Trash without dialog