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Albanian Travel Phrasebook

Albanian Travel Phrasebook

Last update 

For those travelling to Albania, this is bound to help you out.

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Items (25)

  • Tungjatjeta

    Hello (Formal)

  • Tung

    Hello (Informal)

  • Si jeni?

    How are you?

  • Jam mirë, faleminderit

    Fine, thanks

  • Si quheni?

    What is your name?

  • Quhem

    My name is...

  • Më vjen mirë

    Pleased to meet you

  • Ju lutem


  • Faleminderit

    Thank you

  • S'ka përse

    You're welcome

  • Po


  • Jo


  • Më falni

    Excuse me

  • Më vjen keq

    I'm sorry

  • Mirupafshim

    Goodbye (Formal)

  • Shëndet

    Goodbye (Informal)

  • Flisni Anglisht?

    Do you speak English?

  • A flet njeri Anglisht?

    Does anyone speak English?

  • Ndihmë


  • Mirëmëngjes

    Good morning

  • Mirëdita

    Good afternoon

  • Mirëmbrëma

    Good evening

  • Natën e mirë

    Good night

  • Nuk kuptoj

    I don't understand

  • Ku është nevojtorja?

    Where are the toilets?