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Top 200 SAT Vocabulary

Top 200 SAT Vocabulary

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Practice your vocabulary skills with this top 200 SAT words pack.

Items (200)

  • brevity

    briefness or conciseness in speech or writing

  • concise

    using few words in speaking or writing

  • laconic

    using few words in speech

  • pithy

    brief and full of meaning and substance; concise

  • quiescent

    quiet; still; inactive

  • reticent

    not talking much; reserved

  • succint

    clearly and briefly stated; concise

  • taciturn

    silent; sparing of words; close-mouthed

  • circumlocution

    speaking in circles; round-about speech

  • colloquial

    pertaining to common everyday speech; conversational

  • diffuse (adj.)

    spread out, not concise, wordy

  • digress

    to wander off from the subject or topic spoken about

  • eloquence

    talkative; loquacious

  • loquacious

    very talkative; liking to talk; garrulous

  • ramble

    to talk on and on pointlessly, without clear direction

  • rant

    to talk very loudly, even wildly; rave

  • verbose

    using too many words; wordy; long winded

  • voluble

    talking with a great deal of ease; glib

  • arrogant

    overbearing; proud; haughty

  • braggart

    one who boasts a great deal

  • complacent

    self-satisfied; smug

  • contemptuous

    lacking respect; scornful

  • disdainful

    full of bitter scorn and pride; aloof

  • egotistical

    Excessively self-absorbed; very conceited

  • haughty

    having great pride in oneself and dislike for others

  • insolent

    boldly disrespectful in speech or behavior; rude

  • ostentatious

    having to do with showing off; pretentious

  • presumptuous

    too forward or bold; overstepping proper bounds

  • supercilious

    looking down on others; proud and scornful

  • banal

    dull or stale because of overuse; trite; hackneyed

  • cliché

    an idea or expression that has become stale due to overuse

  • derivative (adj.)

    unoriginal; taken from something already existing

  • insipid

    lacking flavor or taste; unexciting

  • lackluster

    lacking vitality, energy, or brightness; boring

  • mundane

    commonplace; ordinary

  • prosaic

    dull; commonplace

  • trite

    unoriginal and stale due to overuse

  • vapid

    lacking freshness and zest; flat; stale

  • allay

    to lessen fear; to calm; to relieve pain

  • alleviate

    to lessen pain or discomfort

  • ameliorate

    to make better; to lessen pain, difficulty, or tension

  • assuage

    to alleviate; to lessen pain or conflict; pacify

  • mitigate

    to make or become less severe; to lessen pain or damage

  • pacify

    to calm; to make peaceful; to restore to a tranquil state

  • placate

    to make calm; to soothe

  • quell

    to pacify; to subdue; to quiet down

  • affable

    easy to talk to; easy to approach, friendly; kind; amiable

  • amiable

    friendly, kind

  • amicable

    showing goodwill; peaceable

  • congenial

    compatible; having kindred needs or tastes; sympathetic

  • cordial

    warm and friendly; amiable

  • gregarious

    sociable, outgoing

  • jocular

    liking to be with people, joke around with them and have fun

  • animosity

    hatred; ill will

  • antagonism

    hatred or hostility

  • belligerent

    taking part in war or fighting; ready to fight

  • cantankerous

    bad-tempered or irritable; quarrelsome

  • captious

    made for the sake of quarreling; quibbling

  • contentious

    quarrelsome; belligerent

  • disputatious

    likely to dispute or argue

  • polemical

    inclined to argue or debate; controversial

  • pugnacious

    eager to fight; belligerent

  • altruistic

    showing an unselfish concern for others

  • benevolent

    giving freely and easily to others; charitable; kind

  • largess

    generous giving (also spelled largesse)

  • lavish (#1)

    generous in giving to others or in spending money

  • munificent

    very generous

  • prodigal

    wasteful; lavish

  • squander

    to spend money (or time) in a wasteful, uncaring fashon

  • avaricious


  • frugal

    careful with money; thrifty; not prodigal or wasteful

  • mercenary

    greedy for self-gain; thinking only of money-making

  • miserly

    careful with how money is spent; thrifty

  • parsimonious

    overly thrifty or miserly

  • penurious

    stingy; relating to great poverty, destitution

  • thrifty

    showing care with how money and resources are spent or used

  • adversity

    great trouble or difficulty

  • conflagration

    a huge fire, and inferno

  • confounding

    puzzling; baffling

  • cryptic

    hidden; hard to understand; mysterious; obscure

  • debacle

    a failure or breakdown; a collapse that is often nonsensical

  • enigma

    a riddle or mystery; a puzzling or baffling matter or person

  • precarious

    dangerous or risky; uncertain

  • quandary

    a dilemma; a confusing or puzzling situation

  • turbulence

    great unrest; turmoil or disorder

  • turmoil

    a turbulent scenario or situation; tumult

  • baneful

    causing ruin; harmful; pernicious

  • deleterious

    harmful to one's health or overall welfare; pernicious

  • detrimental


  • devious

    dishonest or deceptive; tricky

  • iniquitous

    showing a lack of fairness; wicked; vicious

  • malicious

    intending to hurt or harm another; spiteful

  • nefarious

    very mean and wicked

  • odious

    loathsome; evil; revolting in a disgusting way

  • ominous

    pertaining to an evil omen; foreboding

  • rancorous

    deeply hateful or spiteful; malicious

  • virulent

    extremely poisonous; deadly; full of spiteful hatred

  • berate

    to rebuke or scold in a harsh tone

  • carp

    to find fault; to be critical

  • castigate

    to scold or punish severely

  • censure

    to criticize strongly

  • chastise

    to punish or scold harshly

  • deprecate

    to show mild disapproval

  • deride

    to ridicule or make fun of; to scoff at

  • rebuff

    to snub; to bluntly refuse

  • rebuke

    to reprimand or scold sharply

  • reprove

    to speak to in a disapproving manner; to scold

  • upbraid

    to chide; to scold bitterly

  • detached

    aloof; indifferent

  • impassive

    lacking emotion or drive

  • indifferent

    apathetic; showing little or no concern or care

  • phlegmatic

    hard to get excited or emotional; calm; slow moving

  • stolid

    lacking emotion or not showing any emotion; stoical

  • indolent

    lazy; not wanting to do any work

  • languor

    a weak or lifeless feeling

  • lethargic

    having little or no energy

  • sedentary

    having to do with sitting around a lot

  • sluggish

    slow and lazy

  • soporific

    sleep-inducing; sleepy

  • stagnant

    lacking movement or energy

  • torpid

    lacking energy; relating to inactivity; feeling sluggish

  • compliant

    yielding, submissive

  • servile

    slave-like; very humble and submissive

  • slavish

    slave-like; overly humble; involving very hard work

  • submissive

    voluntarily obeying another; humble

  • subordinate

    inferior; lower in rank or status

  • subservient

    obedient; obsequious

  • taody

    a flatterer; a sycophant

  • ardent

    full of passion and emotion

  • avid

    showing enthusiasm; ardent

  • effervescent

    lively; full of uplifted spirit; vivacious

  • exuberant

    overflowing with vitality and good spirits

  • fanatical

    full of great enthusiasm or devotion

  • fervent

    filled with passion or intensity

  • impassioned

    filled with passionate emotion

  • vibrant

    lively; full of vitality

  • zealous

    filled with enthusiasm; fervent

  • adamant

    unwilling to bend; unyielding

  • dogmatic

    strongly opinionated; rigid; dictatorial

  • hidebound

    strongly opinionated; narrow-mindedly stubborn

  • intractable

    stubborn; hard to manage

  • obstinate

    stubborn; inflexible

  • recalcitrant

    stubborn; disobedient; defiant

  • resolve

    firmness, determination

  • unwavering

    firm and determined

  • unyielding

    stubborn; inflexible

  • willful


  • cacophony

    lack of harmony; loud and unpleasant noise; a racket

  • clamor

    unpleasant sound; noise

  • din

    ongoing loud sound; noise

  • discordant

    lacking harmony or agreement

  • euphony

    pleasing sound

  • mellifluous

    sweet and smooth sounding

  • raucous

    coarse-sounding; loud and unruly

  • strident

    shrill; high pitched

  • acclaim

    to express strong approval or praise; hail

  • accolade

    an award given as a sign of appreciation or respect

  • adulate

    to praise or flatter too greatly; fawn over

  • esteem

    to value highly; to have great regard for

  • eulogize

    to praise, as in a eulogy; to say good things about

  • laud

    to praise; extol

  • revere

    to regard highly with love and respect

  • ample

    abundant; plentiful; more than enough

  • copious

    abundant; much; plentiful

  • lavish (#2)

    abundant; in excess

  • myriad (adj. and n.)

    countless; a very large number

  • plethora

    excess; abundance

  • profuse

    abundant; more than enough

  • prolific

    abundant; producing a great deal; fertile

  • superfluous

    overabundant; more than is needed; unnecessary

  • surfeit

    an oversupply

  • abstemious

    holding back from eating or drinking too much

  • alimentary

    relating to good and nourishment

  • culinary

    having to do with cooking, preparing meals

  • delectable


  • emaciated

    very, very thin due to lack of adequate food

  • glutton

    one who overindulges in food and drink

  • palatable

    pleasing to the taste buds

  • ravenous

    very hungry

  • savory

    tasty or good smelling

  • voracious

    greedy; gluttonous; ravenous; insatiable

  • chary

    cautious; wary

  • circumspect

    careful and cautious before acting

  • conscientious

    relating to doing what one knows is right; scrupulous

  • exacting

    requiring a great deal of care of effort; painstaking

  • gingerly

    very carefully

  • heedful

    paying careful attention to

  • meticulous

    very careful; fussy; finicky; fastidious

  • vigilant

    carefully alert and watchful

  • wary

    cautious, careful

  • ephemeral

    lasting a short time; fleeting

  • evanescent

    vanishing quickly; fleeting

  • fleeting


  • itinerant

    wandering about; tending to move around, travel

  • nomadic


  • peripatetic

    moving or walking about; itinerant

  • transient

    lasting for only a short time; temporary

  • transitory


  • volatile

    explosive or changing very quickly

  • antediluvian

    very, very, old; antiquated