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150 Hot GMAT Words

150 Hot GMAT Words

Last update 

Ace your GMAT test with this awesome pack of 150 top GMAT words.

Items (151)

  • abominate

    To loathe; to hate.

  • augment

    to make something bigger, better, or stronger

  • adverse

    unfavorable, unlucky, harmful

  • caprice

    whim; sudden change of mind without any real cause

  • altruistic

    charitable; exhibiting unselfish concern for others'welfare.

  • banal

    repeated too often; overfamiliar through overuse

  • acerbic

    adj. sour, bad-tempered

  • debilitate

    To weaken and to make less effective or functional.

  • communal

    held in common; public; of a group of people; of a commune

  • authentic


  • aromatic

    a strong pleasant smell, usually from food or drink

  • arable

    capable of being farmed productively

  • accede

    to agree or express agreement

  • cessation

    a stop

  • consort with

    keep company with; hang out with

  • cache

    a hidden storage space

  • converge

    be adjacent or come together

  • adept

    expert at; very skilled

  • clemency

    mercy, good weather

  • benign

    kind and gentle mild (climate)

  • bemuse

    to confuse or puzzle

  • acquiesce

    to agree or express agreement

  • abandon

    To give up

  • cohesion

    tendency to keep together

  • amiss

    erroneously, inappropriately, wrong

  • diffidence

    lack of self-confidence

  • conciliatory

    describe things that make other people less angry

  • consternation

    great shock; dismay

  • dank

    unpleasantly cool and humid

  • cacophonous (adj)

    jarring, unpleasantly noisy, discordant, ill-sounding

  • doggerel

    poetry that is silly or worthless

  • chortle

    laugh loudly, chuckle

  • coy

    to be shy but really isn't

  • assess


  • desultory

    Lacking a plan, purpose, or enthusiasm

  • abhor

    (v) To detest; to hate; to loathe.

  • aspirant

    an ambitious and aspiring young person

  • calamity

    disaster; misery

  • midwifery

    assisting women at childbirth

  • remuneration

    n. payment

  • pediatrician

    expert in children's diseases

  • turnover

    the business' sales before the assets are removed

  • recession

    a time of economic decline

  • Discretionary spending

    an expenditure that the government can choose to do

  • docile

    willing to obey; easily managed or handable

  • abrupt

    unexpected quickness, something lacking smoothness

  • feasibility

    the quality of being doable

  • correlate

    have a mutual relation

  • discreet


  • conglomeration

    mass of material sticking together

  • discord

    lack of agreement, tension, debility

  • adamant

    hard; inflexible

  • conventional

    ordinary; typical; not nuclear; Ex. conventional weapons

  • culpable

    deserving blame; blameworthy

  • cursory

    quick, hurried, not thourough, perfunctory

  • aghast

    filled with great surprise or fear; horrified

  • disseminate

    cause to become widely known

  • dissemble

    present a false appearance; disquise one's real intentions

  • absolve

    to forgive, free from blame

  • baroque

    highly ornate

  • catharsis

    a release of emotional tension that restores spirit

  • awry

    away from the correct or expected course

  • askance

    With an attitude or look of suspicion or disapproval

  • aver

    to state as a fact; to declare or assert

  • abnegation

    (n) Renunciation; to self-sacrifice; to give up or renounce.

  • derogatory

    insulting tending to damage

  • Abstruse

    Difficult to Understand

  • benevolent

    generous; charitable; having a wish to do good

  • Cognitive

    Appropriate to question truth

  • codify

    to systematize; to put in the form of a code

  • dearth

    Scarcity; shortage; a lack of.

  • desist

    cease (from an action)

  • chastise

    criticize harshly, usually via an electronic medium

  • agrarian

    pertaining to farming

  • denigrate

    to attack the reputation of: defame

  • coda

    the closing section of a musical composition

  • acrimony

    a rough and bitter manner

  • abridge

    to edit or shorten

  • behoove

    (v) be suited to; be incumbent upon

  • adroit

    clever or skillful

  • demise

    decline, decrease

  • confound

    confuse; puzzle

  • decadence

    Decay; a state of deterioration or decline.

  • degeneracy

    the state of being degenerate in mental or moral qualities

  • artifice

    deception; trickery

  • deferential

    showing respect

  • coherent

    logical and consistent

  • affinity

    close connection relationship

  • dauntless

    bold; fearless

  • condescend

    show feelings of superiority; patronize

  • Dictum


  • astringent

    tending to draw together or constrict soft organic tissue

  • Abysmal

    extremely hopeless or wretched; bottomless

  • dubious

    feeling doubt

  • hair's-breadth

    a very small distance or space

  • breadth

    width; extent

  • choleric

    Bad-tempered or irritable

  • amendment

    the act of amending or correcting

  • dissonance

    a harsh and disagreeable combination, often of sounds

  • conspicuous

    noticeable, marked

  • amity

    friendship; peaceful relationship as between nations

  • hallucination

    seeing something that is not really there

  • conclave

    private secret meeting

  • make off

    run away

  • Covetous

    desiring something owned by another

  • colloquial

    pertaining to common everyday speech

  • chafed

    heated, brought to boiling point

  • discomfit

    confuse embarrass

  • autocrat

    ruler who has absolute or unlimited power

  • blatant

    noisy and rough

  • deride

    to speak or treat with contempt; to mock

  • divergence

    getting farther apart from a point

  • disparity

    inequality, difference, discrepancy

  • cognizant

    being fully aware of

  • devoid

    (adj) completely lacking; entirely without

  • abbreviate

    (v) To shorten; to make smaller.

  • bereft

    (adj) deprived of; lacking

  • deign

    Do something that one considers to be beneath one's dignity

  • contiguous

    sharing a border; touching;adjacent

  • delineate

    to portray, depict, sketch out, to outline, represent

  • brusque


  • Chasten

    to correct by punishment or reproof; to restrain or subdue

  • diligence

    the trait of being painstaking and careful

  • desolate

    providing no shelter or sustenance

  • azure

    sky blue

  • comport

    bear one's self; behave; Ex. comport oneself; N. comportment

  • discerning

    having or revealing keen insight and good judgment

  • destitute

    completely wanting or lacking

  • caliber

    n. ability; capacity

  • scarcity

    a small and inadequate amount

  • subtaintial proportion

    major part

  • lucrative


  • in conjunction with

    in addition to, alongside (along with)

  • compensation


  • counter

    opposed, against

  • account for


  • Rehabilitation

    Preparing someone for return to a normal life.

  • rally

    join together

  • salivate

    produce saliva

  • culprit

    one guilty of a crime

  • deficiency


  • solemn


  • fortify


  • Commuters

    people who travel daily between their place of work and home

  • pollinate

    fertilize a flower with pollen

  • forgery


  • influenza


  • eradicate

    root up

  • repercussion

    consequence, effect

  • be far less


  • cogwheel

    wheel with teeth, gearwheel