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100 2-Letter Scrabble Words

100 2-Letter Scrabble Words

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Very useful for all of your Scrabble players out there.

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Items (103)

  • aa

    a type of lava

  • ab

    an abdominal muscle

  • ad


  • ae

    one (Scots)

  • ag

    agriculture (abbr.)

  • ah

    interjection expressing surprise, joy etc.

  • ai

    the three-toed sloth

  • al

    East Indian shrub

  • am

    present tense of to be, 1st person singular

  • an

    indefinite article

  • as

    Norse God; "In the same way that"

  • aw

    expression of disappointment

  • ax

    axe (US)

  • ay

    an affirmative vote

  • ba

    the soul (in ancient Egyptian religion)

  • bi


  • bo

    buddy, pal

  • ch

    pronoun meaning I (obsolete)

  • da

    a Burmese heavy knife

  • de

    from (used in names)

  • di

    plural of DEUS - gods

  • do

    the musical note C

  • ea

    a river (dialect)

  • ee

    eye (Scots)

  • ef

    the letter F

  • eh

    interjection expressing enquiry

  • el

    the letter L

  • em

    the letter M

  • en

    the letter N

  • er

    interjection expressing hesitation

  • es

    the letter S

  • et

    ate (obsolete)

  • ex

    the letter X; ex-girlfriend

  • fa

    the musical note F

  • fe

    a Hebrew letter - פ

  • fy

    interjection expressing reproach

  • gi

    judo or karate costume

  • gu

    a Shetland violin

  • ha

    interjection expressing amusement

  • hi

    expression of greeting

  • hm

    interjection expressing hesitation

  • ho

    interjection calling attention; slang for 'whore'

  • id

    fish of the carp family; part of the psyche

  • io

    ancient expression of joy

  • ja


  • jo

    a loved one (Scots)

  • ka

    the spirit or soul of a dead person

  • ki

    the spirit of Japanese martial art

  • ko

    a Maori digging stick

  • ky


  • la

    the musical note A

  • li

    Chinese measure of distance

  • lo

    interjection meaning 'look!'

  • ma


  • me

    a name I call myself...; the musical note E

  • mi

    the musical note E (alt spelling)

  • mm

    interjection expressing agreement/savouring

  • mo

    a moment

  • mu

    letter of the Greek Alphabet - M

  • na

    no - not at all (Scots)

  • ne

    not (obsolete)

  • nu

    letter of Greek alphabet - N

  • ny

    to approach

  • ob

    an objection

  • od

    a hypothetical force; old word for god

  • oe

    a grandchild (Scots)

  • oi

    interjection - aggressive, seeking attention

  • om

    Hindu sacred symbol

  • on

    verb - to go on with

  • oo

    wool (Scots)

  • op

    operation (abbr.)

  • or

    the heraldic tincture Gold

  • os

    a bone; a mouthlike opening

  • ou

    interjection expressing concession (Scots)

  • ow

    interjection expressing pain

  • ox

    bovine animal

  • oy

    grandchild (Scots) alt spelling

  • pa

    Maori hill fort

  • pe

    Hebrew letter P

  • pi

    Greek letter; key mathematical constant

  • po

    a chamberpot

  • qi

    chinese life-force

  • re

    the musical note D

  • sh

    interjection requesting silence

  • si

    earlier form of Ti

  • so

    in such a way; the musical note G

  • st

    aggressive interjection requesting silence

  • ta

    interjection expressing thanks

  • te

    Alternate spelling of ti

  • ti

    the musical note B; small Pacific tree

  • ug

    to dread, loathe

  • uh

    Interjection - hesitation, surprise, sexual excitement

  • um

    interjection - doubt or hesitation

  • ut

    a medieval musical note

  • wo

    spelling of woe

  • xi

    Greek letter - X

  • xu

    Vietnamese monetary unit

  • ya


  • ye

    you (arch)

  • yo

    favourite Eighties interjection

  • yu

    a precious jade

  • za


  • zo

    a kind of yak