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ENG 1010 Terms

ENG 1010 Terms

Last update 

Just some terms from my English class I need to get better at!

Items (25)

  • Aesthetic

    Characteristics of beauty

  • Ancillary

    Added upon; side-thought

  • Anthology


  • Anthropomorphism

    Given humanlike qualities

  • Arbitrary

    Random, without order

  • Arcane

    Understood by only a few

  • Argument

    Two or more individuals seeking agreement

  • Assimilate

    To take in and use as part of the original

  • Binary

    Of or from two parts

  • Brevity

    To use the right word

  • Caprice

    Whim or personal fancy

  • Catalyst

    Cause of change

  • Caustic

    Biting, bitter, or acting

  • Cogent

    Aware, particularly thought-based

  • Cognizant

    Having knowledge or being aware of

  • Conflate

    Putting things together that don't belong

  • Convergence

    When ideas or things meet or come together

  • Construe

    Apply or deduce from the evidence

  • Convoluted

    Complex, out of order, confusing

  • Correlation

    Things that happen together, possibly but not necessarily interconnected

  • Cursory

    A quick examination, hasty, not thorough or detailed

  • Desultory

    Disconnected or aimless

  • Disparate

    Distinctly different

  • Eclectic

    From many places or backgrounds, mixed

  • Egregious

    More negative than the referent; particularly bad