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Emacs Org Mode

Emacs Org Mode

Last update 

Shortcuts for emacs Org-Mode.

Items (16)

  • <TAB>

    (org-cycle) Rotate current subtree among the states

  • S-<TAB>

    (org-global-cycle) Rotate the entire buffer among the states.

  • C-c C-n

    (outline-next-visible-heading) Next heading

  • C-c C-p

    (outline-previous-visible-heading) Previous heading

  • C-c C-f

    (org-forward-same-level) Next heading same level

  • C-c C-b

    (org-backward-same-level) Previous heading same level

  • C-c C-u

    (outline-up-heading) Backward to higher level heading

  • C-c C-j

    (org-goto) Jump to a different place without changing the current outline visibility

  • M-<RET>

    (org-insert-heading) Insert a new heading/item at current level

  • C-<RET>

    (org-insert-heading-respect-content) Insert new heading after subtree

  • M-S-<RET>

    (org-insert-todo-heading) Insert new TODO entry/checkbox item

  • C-S-<RET>

    (org-insert-todo-heading-respect-content) Insert new TODO entry/checkbox after subtree

  • M-<left>

    (org-do-promote) Promote current heading by one level.

  • M-<right>

    (org-do-demote) Demote current heading by one level.

  • M-S-<left>

    (org-promote-subtree) Promote the current subtree by one level.

  • M-S-<right>

    (org-demote-subtree) Demote the current subtree by one level.