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Proper Technique for Weightlifters

Proper Technique for Weightlifters

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This pack is for weightlifters who would like to stay safe in the gym while maximizing their strength and fitness gains.

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    906puzzles solved

Items (10)

  • Which muscles should be primarily exerted during a deadlift?


  • Which muscles should primarily be used during a Yates Row?

    Latisimus Dorsi

  • Is it safe to hold your breath while lifting?


  • How long should you wait before exercising the same muscle group?

    48 hours

  • During a squat, your back should be doing the majority of the work

    False, this isn't safe

  • Using momentum and swinging weights ensures the best workout


  • You should always lock your legs at the end of a leg press rep

    No, you should never lock

  • What is the best back position for safe/effective bench press?

    Back flat against bench, bar over nipples

  • Is it possible to get an aerobic workout with weightlifting?


  • What is the most common source of neck strain?

    Not focusing primarily on the target muscle