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C. &C. One on one

C. &C. One on one

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世界公民文化中心, one on one class

Items (31)

  • even if

    即時 (future) Even if you do more for my Mother, she still go to bad very late

  • even though

    即使 (past) Even though you were here at the moment, you can't change anything

  • even

    甚至 (加強語氣) Do you need any Apple products? I have a mac air now, I even bought a iPhone 6 yesterday. They have never even heard of U.S.

  • I don't know to stop

    I don't know to stop his crazy behaviour = I wouldn't know how to stop his crazy behaviour

  • emphasize

    [ˋɛmfə͵saɪz] (v) 強調

  • surprising

    [sɚˋpraɪzɪŋ] (a) 令人驚訝的

  • extreme

    [ɪkˋstrim] (a) 極度的

  • keep ... from

    使某人不會做什麼 Pleas stop drinking and smoking, it keeps you from good health. I don't want to keep you from your work.

  • keep on

    Please don't keep your eyes on smart phone.

  • near-sighed

    (n)近視. Stoping 3G services keep you from near-sighted

  • far-sighted

    (n)遠視 My Father has far-signed

  • sight

    (n) 視力 I have a good sight

  • Christian

    [ˋkrɪstʃən] (n) 基督徒

  • Christianity

    [͵krɪstʃɪˋænətɪ] (n) 基督教

  • pie chart

    (n) 圓餅圖 Pie chart is good for timing balance

  • devote

    (age) 奉獻. My wife is a devoted Christian

  • faithful

    (a) 虔誠信仰 She is very faithful

  • mayor

    [ˋmeɚ] (n) 市長

  • midnight

    (n) 半夜

  • hearing

    (n) 聽力

  • smell

    (n) 嗅覺 (v) 聞出

  • taste

    (n) 味覺 (v) 嘗到

  • individual

    (a) 個人的 (n) 個人

  • individualistic

    [͵ɪndə͵vɪdʒʊəlˋɪstɪk] (a) 個人主義的

  • motivate

    [ˋmotə͵vet] (v) 給 ... 什麼動機, 刺激

  • leisure

    [ˋliʒɚ]  (n) 閒暇時間 (同義詞: free time, reset)

  • overall

    (a) (adv) 總體來說 (同義詞: in a big picture)

  • abnormal

    (a) 不正常的

  • hint

    (v)(n) 暗示

  • blink

    (n) (v) 眨眼

  • national team