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Essere Conjugation

Essere Conjugation

Last update 

To be or not to be

Items (24)

  • (io) sono

    I am

  • (tu) sei

    You are (sing. fam.)

  • (Lei) è

    You are (sing. form.)

  • (lui) è

    He is

  • (lei) è

    She is

  • (noi) siamo

    We are

  • (noi) siamo

    We are

  • (Loro) sono

    They are

  • (io) sarò

    I will be

  • (tu) sarai

    You will be (sing. fam.)

  • (Lei) sarà

    You will be (sing. form.)

  • (lui) sarà

    He will be

  • (lei) sarà

    She will be

  • (noi) saremo

    We will be

  • (voi) sarete

    You will be (plu. fam.)

  • (Loro) saranno

    They will be

  • (io) ero

    I was

  • (tu) eri

    You were (sing. fam.)

  • (Lei) era

    You were (sing. form.)

  • (lui) era

    He was

  • (lei) era

    She was

  • (noi) eravamo

    We were

  • (voi) eravate

    You were (plu. fam.)

  • (Loro) erano

    They were