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Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs

Last update 

here is some phrasal verbs that are explained from Merriam-webster

Items (12)

  • bear down

    to try very hard to do something

  • bear down on (someone)

    to place pressure on

  • bear down on (something)

    to push or lean down on

  • bear fruit

    to produce a desired result or reward

  • bear in mind


  • bear on

    to have an effect on

  • bear out


  • bear up

    to not be overwhelmed during a time of trouble, pain

  • bear with

    to be patient with

  • bear yourself

    to move, stand, or behave in a specified way

  • cross to bear

    a problem that causes trouble or worry for someone over a long period of time

  • grin and bear it

    to accept something that you do not like because you have no choice