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Introduction to strategy and organizational theory

Introduction to strategy and organizational theory

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session1 der Vorlesung Organisation

Items (50)

  • What is the central management problem?

    lack of knowledge and motivation

  • What means the Basic Dilemma?

    Unlimited needs vs. limited resources

  • What´s the solution of the Basic Dilemma?

    division of labor and specialization

  • What means the New Dilemma?

    coordination and motivation of labor parts

  • What´s the solution of the New Dilemma?

    contracts, organizational design, management and leadership

  • What´s the Agency Problem?

    employee´s goals unlikely to owner´s goals

  • What is the organizational goal?

    creation of value added self-preservation

  • Aspects, why organizations are made of people and structure?

    social systems, networks of individuals and contracts, contain rules and regulations

  • How organizations persue shared goals and objectives?

    goal-oriented, divide and coordinate labor

  • Strategy making is...?

    decision taking

  • How are organizations characterized?

    factories for producing (strategic) decisions

  • Why do organizations matter?

    meet our needs, create value for stakeholder, facilitate, bring together and coordinate resources

  • Why there is the need for roles and functions?

    value creation, coordination, goal setting

  • How are avoidable mistakes characterised?

    systematic, occur because not a lot of diligence, predictable, known repeated situation

  • How are unavoidable mistakes characterised?

    unsystematic, occur despite a lot of diligence, unpredictable, unknown first-time situation

  • What are the inputs of the value creation processess?

    human, material and financial resources, informations

  • What are the transformations of the value creation processess?

    management(decision making, controlling + structuring), production, adaptation(market research...)

  • What are the outputs of the value creation processess?

    sales of output, advertising, public relations

  • Machinery vs. human

    same average expected performance but the performance fluctuation is more positiv with humans

  • What belongs to the individual effectivness?

    ability and skill, knowledge, attitude, motivation, trust, stress

  • What belongs to the group effectivness?

    cohesivness, commitment, leadership, trust

  • What belongs to the organizational effectivness?

    structure, culture, roles, norms, environment, strategic choises

  • How will the business environment look like in the future?

    digitalisation of society and economy, elements of direct and liquid democraty, new industrial emerging

  • How will the strategy change?

    branding, merging of digital technologies in servic and manufactory

  • What will be the organizational consequences in the future?

    virtualization, platform organization, open innovation, democratization, flexicurity

  • How is the future organizational form based on small and networked characterized?

    autonomous teams in fluid networks, stable communities and guilds

  • How is the future organizational form based on virtual countries characterized?

    big conglomerates without national affiliation, representive governance

  • What are virtual countries?

    big vertically integrated, employees own the firm, employees elect the management

  • What are the 3 biggest companies?

    Wal-Mart Stores, Hon Hai Precision; VolkswagenAG

  • What are the 3 most valuable companies?

    Apple, ExxonMobil, Microsoft

  • What are the 3 most valuable brands?

    Apple, Microsoft, CocaCola

  • What are the 3 most innovative companies?, AlexionPharmaceuticals, ARM Holdings

  • What is the main statement from Michael E. Porter about the essence of strategy?

    choosing what not to do

  • What are strategic decisions?

    important, in terms of the actions taken, the resources committed, or the precedents set

  • What are the components of success?

    goals, understanding the environment, resource appraisal, implementation

  • What are common elements in sucessful strategies?

    simple, consistent, long-term goals, profound understanding of the competitive environment, objective appraisal of resources

  • What is the "key" to survive?

    It´s the one that is most adaptable to change

  • Why do some companies refuse to change daspite great external pressure?

    adaptability vs threat-rigidity- theories, "Prisoners of success", not future orientated, perception of non-sustainability

  • How high are the success rates of change processes?


  • How many change processes are "really problematic"?


  • false start=


  • change=

    vision+skills+incentives+resources+action plan

  • What is Google´s current strategy?

    primary interface, improve quality+reach of internet, own the home, improve life + cure disease

  • What are key aspects of strategy?

    winning(->corporate+business strategy), strategic fit(->making a difference), communications and decisions(-> Multiple roles within a organization)

  • Overall goal of strategy=

    creat value in the eyes of customers

  • What are basic components of strategy analysis in the external environment?

    mainly industry analysis, competitors, customers, suppliers

  • What are basic components of strategy analysis in the internal environment?

    primarily analysis of firm´s resources and capabilities, goals+values, resources+capabilities, structure+system

  • What is the strategy searching for?

    meltingpoint between: capabilities, market and competitiveness

  • What are typical dilemmas of strategic leadership?

    strategy from the market vs. strengths and capabilities of the firm, openly announce vs keep your stratedy a secret, your dacisions vs NPV-analysis

  • What says the formula for success by Peter Thiel?

    What about the world that you know is true that everyone elese doesn´t understand?