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art ielts

art ielts

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active vocabulary

Items (25)

  • foster

    to encourage a particular feeling, situation, or idea to develop

  • enhance

    усиливать в положительном плане Winning that award greatly enhanced her reputation.

  • contemporary


  • remarkable

    very unusual or noticeable in a way that you admire||удивительный, замечательный||He has a remarkable memory.

  • grin(ground;ground)

    to keep rubbing something between two rough, hard surfaces until it becomes a powder молоть, размалывать to grind coffee

  • durable

    remaining in good condition for a long time прочный, долговечный durable goods

  • to take steps to do something

    to use ssituation to get something good//принять меры

  • indigenous people

    having always lived or existed in a place туземный, коренной indigenous peoples The kangaroo is indigenous to Australia.

  • prior to sth

    before a particular time or event до, перед the weeks prior to her death

  • share the spotlight with smt/someone

    to receive less attention because of another person

  • plausible


  • artisan


  • depict

    to reptato represent someone or something in a picture or story изображать The cartoon depicts the president as a vampire.

  • to cause/provoke controversary

    вызывать/провоцировать спор

  • lavish

    showing that a lot of money has been spent роскошный, расточительный a lavish meal/party

  • awe-inspiring

    causing people to feel great respect or admiration внушающий благоговение

  • exert an influence

    to have an effect

  • to hold back

    удерживать She held back from interfering in their arguments. Sandbags will hold back the flood waters for a while.

  • deprive smb of smth

    лишать кого-либо чего-либо They were deprived of food for long periods.

  • preserve

    сохранить в целостности

  • with the advent of smth

    с появлением появление with the advent of the Internet

  • lack smth

    испытывать недостаток (в чем-либо) She really lacks confidence.

  • timeless

    вечный, неустаревающий

  • flourish

    to grow or develop well процветать a flourishing tourist industry

  • override

    to be more important than something else доминировать, затмевать His desire for money seems to override anything else.