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Cyber Safety

Cyber Safety

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Everyday cyber safety scenarios

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  • A Stranger wants to be your friend on facebook. What should you do?

    Ignore or reject them.

  • You want to film a Science experiment what should you do first?

    Ask the teacher and anyone who might be in the film if it's ok.

  • You have taken a photo of some work but the teacher's face is in the frame by accident.

    Show them the photo and check it's ok.

  • You drop your device, who's responsible?

    I am.

  • You get a snapchat from a friend during class, what should you do?

    Wait until lunch/Interval to look at it.

  • Your mum rings or texts you during class, what should you do?

    Ignore it until lunch/Interval and remind my mum not to call during class.

  • You are about to sit a test what should you do with your devices?

    Switch them off and hand them in.

  • You are researching, and are sent a funny video about puppies. What should you do?

    Wait till I am finished and outside class-time to watch it.