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AS Chemistry

AS Chemistry

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Designed to help with general chemistry knowledge

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Items (58)

  • What is a Hydrocarbon

    A compound containing only Hydrogen and Carbon

  • What is the max number of bonds Carbon can make?


  • What is a Functional Group

    Group of Atoms responsible for its Chemical Porperties

  • What is a Homologous Series

    A family of Compounds

  • Alkanes are?


  • What is the General formula for a Alkane?


  • What is an Empirical Formula?

    Simplest whole number ratio of each atoms of element present in a compound

  • What is a Molecular Formula?

    The actual Number of atoms an element in a molecule

  • What is the Molecular Formula of Ethane


  • How is crude oil refined?

    Fractional Distillation

  • How does Fractional Distillation work?

    Separate compound into groups of similar boiling points

  • Short chained hydrocarbons have?

    Lower boiling points

  • Gasses go where during Fractional Distillation?

    To the Top

  • Alkanes have weak ...

    Intermolecular forces / Van Der Waals

  • The longer the molecule...

    The stronger the inter molecular forces

  • Isomers have fewer points of contact therefore...

    Fewer van der Waals

  • Alkanes Combust...

    Completely, and cleanly

  • What is Cracking?

    The breaking down of long chained hydrocarbons into a mixture of shorter alkanes and alkenes

  • Branched Alkanes are?


  • Aliphatic hydrocarbons can be converted to

    Cyclic or aromatic Alkanes

  • Pentane can be reformed to become?


  • High Octane fuels have a...

    Near 100% Burn efficiency

  • Branched Alkanes are...

    Better as fuels

  • Burning Hydrocarbons release

    atmospheric pollutants

  • Global warming refers to...

    An increase in the Earths average temperature

  • Bio fuel is a fuel made from


  • Biodiesel is

    A fuel Oil made from natural sources

  • Halogenation of alkanes requires

    UV light and 300 degrees

  • Reactions between alkanes and halogens is called

    Radical Substitution

  • A radical is

    A species with an unpaired electron

  • Radical substitution has how many stages


  • What are the stages of Radical subsitution

    Initiation, propagation, termination

  • What happens in Termination during Radical Subsitution

    Radicals combine

  • What is the bond fission for Radical Substitution

    Homolytic Fission

  • Alkene are


  • Alkenes can form ... Isomers


  • Carbon Carbon Double bonds are an

    Overlap in the Pi Orbitals

  • Carbon double bonds cannot


  • What is the general formula for Alkenes


  • A pi bond is ... Than a sigma bond


  • Alkenes typicall take part in

    Addition reactions

  • Addition of Hydrogen to an Alkene has what catalyst?


  • Hydrogenation of a Alkene is done at what temperature


  • What is the test for saturation of alkenes?

    Add bromine water, it shall change from orange to colourless

  • Homolytic Fission is...

    The equal breaking of a covelant bond to form radicals

  • The addition of steam to an alkene requires

    An acid (H3PO4) and high termperatures (250)

  • An electrophile is...

    A species that can accept a pair of electrons

  • The typical reaction of alkenes is

    Electrophillic addition

  • A carbocation is

    A positively charges carbon ion

  • In electrophilic addition, curly arrows represent

    The movements of electrons

  • The Bond fission for electrophillic addition is

    Heterolytic Fission

  • Heterolytic Fission is

    The unequal breaking of a covalent bonds to form ions

  • Ethene can be polymerised to make


  • Vegetable oils are hardened by


  • A monomer is

    A unsaturated molecule with a carbon double bond

  • A polymer is

    A saturated compound

  • Addition polymers do not

    Break down naturally

  • Recycling Polymers involves

    Sorting and Reclaiming