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lab 7

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    550puzzles solved

Items (30)

  • body division (Scorpion)

    cephalothorax and abdomen

  • abdomen (scorpions)

    trunk and segmented tail

  • chelate chelicerae

    small mouthparts near the face used for tearing up prey to eat

  • chelate pedipalps

    2nd pair of appendages, big claws are accessory to the chelicerace, they hold food why the chelicerae tear

  • walking legs

    4 pairs of ___ ____

  • Pectines

    Pair of comb-like structures (said to be sensory in functions)

  • Genital operculum

    first abdominal appendage with a pair of genital pores on the underside.

  • spiracular opening

    3rd,4th,5th6th abdomen segments have __ ___ that connect to book lungs

  • 6th tail segment

    basal bulb and sting are on ____ ____

  • anus

    ___ is on 5th tail segment of scorpion

  • basal bulb

    has gland that makes toxin

  • pedicel

    connect cephalothorax and abdomen

  • pedipalp

    pair of mouthparts in chelicerates that are usually modified to grab prey

  • epigastric furrow

    2nd abdomen segment in spider, transverse line

  • spinnerets

    structure (4 total) at rear of spider that spins secretion into threads

  • spines

    ___ cover the body surface of starfish

  • dermal branchiae (papulae)

    ___ ____ are finger like sacs, hollow projections of coelom

  • pedicellariae

    tiny pincers that are used for surface maintenance by sea stars and some sea urchins. found around spines

  • madreporite

    Opening to water vascular system that regulates water pressure

  • ambulacral groove

    A channel along the oral surface of echinoderms through which the tube feet protrude

  • stone canal

    in echinoderms, a short canal that connects the madreporite to the ring canal around the mouth

  • aboral pyloric stomach

    pentagonal shape, in central disc.

  • globular cardic stomach

    below pyloric stomach, can be extruded through the mouth

  • esophagus

    short, connects mouth to cardiac stomach

  • rectum

    ___ runs aborally from pyloric stomach to anus

  • Tiedemanns bodies

    9 glandular bodies on ring canal

  • Aristole's lantern

    _____ is a chewing structure composed of five teeth found in the mouths of sea urchins.

  • tentacles

    sea cucumbers have 10 ____ surrounding the mouth

  • holothuroids

    ___ can cast out their internal organs when threatened.... organs regenerate after

  • respiratory trees

    sea cucumbers breather by __ ___. Muscular cloaca pump oxygenated water over ___ ___