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shark lab

shark lab

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shark anatomy

Items (29)

  • Dogfish Shark

    Phylum: Chordata Subphylum: Vertebrata Class: Chondrichthyes Genus: Squalus

  • Dogfish shark's Afferent branchial arteries

    pump deoxygenated blood to gills

  • pericardium

    internal membrane lining of pericardial cavity

  • dogfish sharks bloodflow path from inputs of sinus venosus to main segments of dorsal aorta

    Subclavien veins, posterior & anterior Cardinal sinuses --> ducts of cuvier--> sinus venosus --> atrium --> ventricle --> conus arteriosus --> ventral aorta --> afferent branchial arteries --> gills --> efferent branchial arteries --> internal carotid artery (head) and dorsal aorta --> celiac artery and its branches, and posterior-dorsal aorta branches

  • how many afferent branchial arteries are there?

    5 pairs

  • how many efferent branchial arteries are there?

    4 pairs

  • celiac artery branches and what each one nourishes.

    hepatic artery - liver gastric - stomach pancreaticomesentric - pancreas, intestine and pyloric/posterior region of stomach. and continuing as anterior intestinal artery which runs down ventral side of intestine

  • posterior dorsal aorta's (not ciliac artery) major branches and what they nourish

    posterior intestinal - dorsal side of stomach gastrosplenic - spleen and stomach posterior mesentric - rectal gland iliac - (at dorsal wall of abdomen) - pelvic fins

  • cranial nerve 1, name, origin, insertion, function

    olfactory olfactory lobe nasal capsule sensory

  • cranial nerve 2, name, origin, insertion, function

    optic beneath optic lobe retina sensory

  • cranial nerve 3, name, origin, insertion, function

    oculomotor optic lobe eye muscles motor

  • cranial nerve 4, name, origin, insertion, function

    trochlear bw optic lobe and cerebellum eye muscle motor

  • cranial nerve 5, name, origin, insertion, function

    trigeminal lateral surface of medulla skin and muscles of snout motor

  • cranial nerve 6, name, origin, insertion, function

    abducens medulla ventral surface of medulla eye muscle motor

  • cranial nerve 7, name, origin, insertion, function

    facial lateral surface of medulla with trigeminal lateral head region mixed

  • cranial nerve 8, name, origin, insertion, function

    auditory medulla inner ear sensory

  • cranial nerve 9, name, origin, insertion, function

    glossopharyngeal medulla gills and roof of mouth mixed

  • cranial nerve 10, name, origin, insertion, function

    vagus medulla many parts, including viscera and lateral line mixed

  • cartilaginous brain case


  • telencephalon

    olfactory and cerebral hemispheres

  • medulla oblongata function

    heart rate, respiration, and relay center

  • number of eye muscles in shark


  • oculomotor nerve

    4 eye muscles, pupil constricter leaves ventral surface of midbrain (optic lobe) enters orbit

  • trochlear nerve

    innervates superior oblique eye muscle

  • abducens nerve

    innervates posterior rectus, most posterior eye muscle leaves from medulla ventrally, hard to find

  • trigeminal nerve main branches

    superficial opthalmic maxilary - part of infraorbital trunk mandibular all are sensory, but mandibular nerve is also motor

  • facial nerve's main branches

    superficial opthalmic buccal - part of infraorbital trunk palatine hyomandibular all are sensory, but hyomandibular nerve is also motor

  • is glossopharyngeal nerve motor or sensory?


  • 2 main branches of vagus nerve

    lateralis nerve - innervates lateral line throughout full length of body branchial nerve s, which after the gills, continue as visceral nerve (to heart and abdominal viscera)