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Oxford Word Skills

Oxford Word Skills

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suitable for everyone who wants to learn English, particularly for Vietnamese speakers.

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Items (120)

  • well built

    (a) with a solid, strong body

  • in good/bad shape

    in a good/bad physical condition

  • plump

    (a) quite fat, in a nice way

  • fattish

    (a) quite fat

  • clean-shaven

    (a) without a beard or moustache

  • tell sth

    (v) know or guess sth

  • go grey or white

    (v) become grey-haired or white-haired

  • see sb as sth

    (v) imagine or think of sb in a particular way

  • arrogant

    (a) thinking you're better than other people

  • easy-going

    (a) relaxed and not worried by what other people do

  • tolerant

    (a) able to accept ideas you don't agree with

  • dull

    (a) boring

  • thrilled

    (a) very happy and excited

  • get on (well) with sb

    have a good relationship with sb

  • get together

    (of 2 or more people) meet for a social reason

  • split up with sb

    stop being in a romantic relationship with sb

  • fall out with sb

    argue with sb and stop being friendly with them

  • foster parent

    (n) sb who looks after another person's child in their home for a time

  • be related to sb

    be in the same family as sb

  • wedding reception

    (n) a meal and/or party after a wedding

  • drink a toast to sb

    raise a glass of wine, etc. to wish sb success or happiness

  • cremate sb, cremation (n)

    burn the body of a dead person as part of a funeral

  • far-fetched

    (a) not easy to believe b/c it's very improbable

  • capsize

    (v) (used of boats) turn over in the water

  • pebble

    (n) a smooth, round stone that is found near or in water

  • soaking wet

    (a) extremely wet

  • drizzle

    (v,n) rain lightly, with very small drops

  • bitterly cold

    (a) extremely cold

  • chilly

    (a) a little too cold to be comfortable

  • mild

    (a) warmer than usual for the time of year

  • heatwave

    (n) a period of unusually hot weather

  • muggy

    (a) warm and damp in a very unplesant way

  • breeze

    (n) a light wind

  • gale

    (n) a strong wind

  • famine

    (n) a lack of food during a long period of time in a region

  • death toll

    (n) the number of people killed in a disaster, accident, etc.

  • plum

    (n) quả mận

  • apricot

    (n) quả mơ

  • raspberry

    (n) quả mâm xôi

  • fig

    (n) quả sung

  • pomegranate

    (n) quả lựu

  • leek

    (n) tỏi tây

  • celery

    (n) cần tây

  • fennel

    (n) cây thì là

  • artichoke

    (n) cây a-ti-sô

  • asparagus

    (n) măng tây

  • beetroot

    (n) củ cải đường

  • parsley

    (n) ngò tây

  • basil

    (n) cây húng quế

  • thyme

    (n) cây húng tây

  • rosemary

    (n) cây hương thảo

  • fizzy drink

    (n) a drink containing small bubbles of gas

  • cost a fortune

    be very expensive

  • fast asleep

    (a) sleeping deeply

  • have a lie-in

    stay in bed later than usual

  • sleep like a log

    sleep very well

  • have a restless night

    unable to sleep well and often wake up

  • irritable

    (a) becoming angry easily

  • a heavy sleeper

    a person who doesn't wake up easily

  • insomnia

    if you suffer from insomnia, you're often unable to sleep

  • on my mind

    if sth is on your mind, you're thinking or worrying about it

  • come round

    become conscious again

  • swollen

    (a) larger than usual because of an injury (sưng phồng)

  • accelerate

    (v) go faster

  • skid

    (v) suddenly move sideways without control

  • reverse

    (v) go backwards in a car

  • figure

    (n) a shape of the body, esp that of a woman

  • versatile

    (a) having many different uses

  • grease

    (n) oil or fat that comes from cooking

  • filthy

    (a) very dirty

  • semi-detached

    (a) joined to one other house, forming a pair of houses

  • spacious

    (a) large, and having a lot of space

  • attic

    (n) the space or room under the roof of a house

  • cellar

    (n) an underground room without windows, where things are often kept

  • lawn

    (n) an area of grass in a park or garden

  • observant

    (a) good at noticing things

  • overhear sb

    (v) hear other people's conversation by accident

  • bland

    (a) without much flavour (nhạt)

  • commit a crime

    (v) do sth illegal

  • asthma

    (n) bệnh hen suyễn

  • obesity

    (n) béo phì

  • diabetes

    (n) bệnh tiểu đường

  • arthritis

    (n) bệnh viêm khớp

  • current affairs

    (n) important political or social events happening now

  • clash with sb

    (v) fight or disagree seriously with sb about sth

  • axe sb/sth

    (v) cut numbers of people, jobs, etc. by a large amount

  • pledge sth

    (v) make a formal promise to do or give sth

  • the equivalent of sth

    sth that have the same value, amount, meaning, or importance as sth else

  • gripping

    (a) very exciting; holding your attention

  • work of art

    (n) a very good painting, drawing, book, etc.

  • out of focus

    (a) not showing things clearly

  • referee

    (n) trọng tài bóng đá

  • linesman

    (n) trọng tài biên

  • striking

    (a) very attractive in a way that causes people to notice

  • invigilator

    (n) the person watching students in the exam room

  • disqualify sb

    (v) officially stop sb from taking part in sth b/c they have broken a rule

  • devote time to sb/sth

    (v) give proper time to sth/sb

  • read widely

    (v) read a lot of different kinds of books

  • be based somewhere

    if you're based in a place, that place is the centre for your work

  • acknowledge sth

    (v) let sb know that you have received sth from them

  • carpenter

    (n) thợ mộc

  • nanny

    (n) người giữ trẻ, bà vú

  • be entitled to (do) sth

    be allowed sth or to do sth b/c it's the law

  • bound to do sth

    if sb is bound to do sth, they will almost certainly do it

  • loathe (doing) sth

    (v) dislike (doing) sth very much

  • reckon (that) sth

    (v) think or have an opinion about sth

  • in principle

    in general, but perhaps not in all the details

  • proposal

    (n) a plan that is formally suggested

  • in favour of sth

    in agreement with sth

  • in writing

    in a letter, email, etc.

  • dreadful

    (a) very bad

  • get on sb's nerves

    irritate sb or make sb angry

  • nuisance

    (n) a person, thing, or situation that annoys you

  • suspicious of sth/sb

    (a) feeling that sth/sb is dishonest and cannot be trusted

  • mixed feelings

    (n) both positive and negative feelings about sth

  • now and again


  • make the most of sth

    make the best use of sth that will help you

  • commence

    (v) (formal) begin

  • vague

    (a) not clear or definite

  • I'd better be off

    I have to leave now