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English Vocabulary

English Vocabulary

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Items (25)

  • mental

    (a) 精神上的

  • literally

    (ad.) 逐字的, 漸漸的

  • without cease

    (phr) 不停的. We should work on without cease.

  • a couple of minutes


  • be aware of

    察覺到. Are you aware of dangerous ?

  • take refuge

    逃避. You shouldn't take refuge at home.

  • as well

    也, 同樣的(同義詞:too)

  • scenario

    (n) 事態, 局面

  • first of all


  • impatient

    (a) 不耐煩

  • take away with you


  • mundane

    (a) 世俗的, 世界的

  • conscious

    [ˋkɑnʃəs] (a) 察覺, 清醒的.

  • be conscious of

    意識到. I am conscious of believe god without doubt is the only one way.

  • trival

    (a) 瑣碎的, 無謂的

  • passion

    (n) 熱情

  • have a passion for

    對 ... 有強烈愛好

  • be capable of

    有能力去做 ...

  • community

    (n) 社區, 社群

  • poverty

    (n) 貧窮

  • running water

    (n) 自來水

  • relevant

    (a) 有意義的. His success is relevant

  • botton line


  • remote

    (a) 遙遠的, 遙控的. remote place

  • aspirational

    [͵æspəˋreʃən!] (a) 渴望的