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English 2 HS Mannheim

English 2 HS Mannheim

Last update 

Beim Mr. Clear

Items (91)

  • Personnel

    Recruitment, training and welfare of employees

  • Employees

    Workers, salary /wage receivers

  • Employer

    Provider of work

  • Sales

    Selling of goods and services

  • purchasing


  • accounts, finance

    Finance The management of money

  • production

    Making a product

  • administration

    Organisation, infrastructure of an organisation

  • legal

    To do with law

  • research and development

    Creating new products and processes

  • board of directors

    Group of shareholders elected to run a company

  • chief executive officer / managing director

    Managing director Highest in rank of the directors

  • executive

    Working with authority and responsibility

  • takeover

    One company buying another

  • parent company

    Company which owns more than 50% of another

  • subsidiary

    Company which is more than 50% owned by another

  • merger

    two companies join together as once

  • low point

    Lowest point

  • peak

    highest point

  • pie graph

    Circular graph where size of segment shows value

  • consist of / comprise

    Be made up of (all main parts)

  • contain

    To hold or include within its volume

  • include

    To have as part of a whole (as in a list)

  • component

    Basic part from which something is made

  • made of

    Constructed from, where the material is visible

  • made from

    Using this as a raw material

  • market survey

    Analysis of potential customers’ preferences

  • impulse buying

    Buying spontaneously

  • own-label

    Supermarket, department store’s own brand

  • niche

    small specific part of the market

  • consumer loyalty

    Constancy among buyers

  • target market

    Specific part of market aimed at

  • product development

    Making a new product

  • corporate identity

    Business organisation’s image

  • get up

    Presentation and packaging of a product

  • test marketing

    Trial of a new product using a sample of consumers

  • competition

    Rivalry amongst sellers of a similar product

  • market launch

    Product is sold for the first time

  • advertising campaign

    Marketing promotion using the media

  • retail

    Selling directly to the public

  • wholesale

    Selling in large quantities to retailers

  • up-market

    High quality and premium price

  • competitive edge

    An advantage over competitors

  • agenda

    List of items to be discussed at a formal meeting

  • chair

    Person in control of a formal meeting

  • minutes

    details of what was said at a formal meeting

  • curriculum vitae / resume

    Resume List of applicant’s qualifications and experience

  • fragile

    Easily breakable

  • rigid


  • durable /resilent / tough

    Highly resistant to wear

  • malleable

    easy to reshape

  • plastic

    When force is removed, material stays as new shape

  • elastic

    Force removed, material returns to previous shape

  • smooth

    Having an even surface

  • rough

    Having an uneven surface

  • abrasive

    Uneven surface, used for grinding, smoothing, polishing

  • matt

    Absorbent of light

  • gloss

    Reflective of light

  • inflammable / flammable

    Easily catches fire

  • non-flammable

    Does not easily catch fire

  • combustible

    Easily catches fire, explodes easily

  • conductor

    Conducts energy easily

  • insulator

    Does not conduct energy easily

  • tilt


  • to raise


  • rotate


  • rise

    der Anstieg

  • tapering

    das Reduzieren

  • tip


  • base


  • inverted / upside down


  • word processing


  • diameter


  • mainframe


  • inkjet printer

    Tintenstrahl drucker

  • allen key


  • torque wrench


  • hold


  • engaged, busy


  • partnership

    Two or more people sharing ownership of a business

  • public company


  • optical fibre cable


  • interface


  • stapler


  • hole punch


  • spanner, wrench


  • screwdriver


  • drop-down,pull down


  • sole trader


  • limited company


  • shares/stocks