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CSharp Basics

CSharp Basics

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  • What knows Compiler about each type?

    how much memory to allocate | operations allowed using this value

  • How do we describe values?

    With types

  • Type of Value known at

    Compile time

  • CLR

    Common Language Runtime

  • Value Types

    Primitive, Structures, Enumerations

  • Reference Types

    Classes, Boxed Value Types, Arrays, Delegates

  • Source Code compiled into.NET byte code format (Microsoft Intermediate Language)


  • .NET Common Language Runtime


  • Just In Time Compiler


  • CLS (Common Language Specification)

    defines hoe different languages should compile to MSIL

  • allocate memory to method (stack frame)

    block of stack based memory large enough for arguments passed to method + local variables

  • sequence of methods invoked added to.... builts up to ...

    call stack/ stack trace (ordered collection of stack frames)

  • Inheritance(Vererbung) ->class herachie group of related classes

    common elements attributed to all derived classes

  • Polymorphism(enabled by inherritance)

    ability of an object of one type to be treated as if it was an instance of another type

  • UML (Universal Modeling Language)

    Can describe entire applications showing relationships between classes

  • virtual

    allows base class operations to be overridden

  • abstract class

    -cannot be instantiated - used to create class inheritance

  • abstract class atleast one abstract method

    declares signature but no implementation

  • mammal abstract

    no object for mammal that is not one of the subtypes

  • each abstract operation implicity virtual

    either ovverride to implement or make it abstract

  • Assembly

    set of one ore more logically related files

  • high cohesion

    what belongs together, is together

  • loose coupling

    very few dependencies between classes in dirrefent namespaces

  • assembly

    one ore more logically related classes

  • module

    physical file in an assembly

  • application

    combination of exe's and dll's (assemblies)

  • assembly manifest

    versioning and security information, makes assembly smalles unit of reuse

  • Metadata

    generated by compiler, describes types and mebers, give CLR to load typed and invoke methods

  • Asynchronous Delegates

    invoke Method on Background Thread

  • Delegates

    represent signature of a function we want to 'call back'

  • BeginInvoke() / Endinvoke()

    invoke method asynchronous / get return value from method

  • object that can raise an event

    event source

  • objects that define event handler methods

    event receivers