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arabic verbs

arabic verbs

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verbs of arabic in past and present tense with meanings

Items (198)

  • أتى يأتي

    to come

  • أخَذ يأخُذ

    to take

  • أكَل يأكُل

    to eat

  • أمَر يأمُر

    to command

  • بحَث يبحَث

    to (re)search

  • بدَأ يبدَأ

    to begin

  • بدَل يبدُل

    to replace

  • برَز يبرُز

    to emerge

  • بسَط يبسُط

    to spread (something)

  • بعَث يبعَث

    to dispatch

  • بقِي يبقى

    to remain

  • بكى يبكي

    to cry

  • بلَغ يبلُغ

    to reach

  • بنى يبتي

    to build

  • بان يبين

    to become clear

  • تبِع يتبَع

    to follow

  • ترَك يترُك

    to leave/abandon

  • تمّ يتِمّ

    to complete

  • تاب يتوب

    to repent

  • ثبَت يثبُت

    to be firmly established

  • جرَح يجرَح

    to wound

  • جرى يجري

    to flow (literally or abstractly)

  • جعَل يجعَل

    to make (something into something)

  • جلَس يجلِس

    to sit

  • جاز يجوز

    to be permissible

  • جاء يجيء

    to come

  • حسَب يحسُب

    to calculate

  • حصَل يحصُل

    to acquire (transitive and intransitive)

  • حضَر يحضُر

    to be present

  • حفِظ يحفَظ

    to protect; to memorize

  • حكَم يحكُم

    to pass judgement

  • حمَل يحمِل

    to carry

  • حيّ يحيى

    to be alive

  • ختَم يختِم

    to seal; to conclude/finish

  • خدَم يخدِم

    to serve

  • خرَج يخرُج

    to exit

  • خرَق يخرِق

    to tear

  • خزَن يخزُن

    to store

  • خصّ يخُصّ

    to single out/distinguish

  • خطِأ يخطَأ

    to be in error/make a mistake

  • خفِي يخفى

    to be concealed

  • خلَص يخلُص

    to be pure

  • خلَق يخلُق

    to create

  • خلا يخلو

    to be empty

  • خان يخون

    to betray

  • خال يخال

    to imagine

  • دخَل يدخُل

    to enter

  • درَس يدرُس

    to study

  • دعا يدعو

    to call; to invite

  • دفَع يدفَع

    to push away

  • دلّ يدُلّ

    to demonstrate/indicate

  • دنا يدنو

    to be near

  • دنِي يدنى

    to be low

  • دار يدور

    to revolve

  • دان يدين

    to borrow

  • دكَر يدكُر

    to remember; to mention

  • ذهَب يذهَب

    to go

  • رأى يرى

    to see; to have an opinion

  • ربَط يربُِط

    to fasten; many other meanings

  • رجَع يرجِع

    to return

  • رجا يرجو

    to hope; to plead; to expect

  • رحَل يرحَل

    to set out for travel

  • ردَع يردَع

    to keep something at bay

  • رزَق يرزُق

    to provide (sustenance)

  • رشَد يرشُد

    to be on the right track

  • رعى يرعى

    to take care of / watch over

  • رفَع يرفَع

    to lift/raise

  • رقِي يرقى

    to ascend

  • ركِب يركَب

    to ride; to mount/board

  • راق يروق

    to be clear; to surpass in excellence

  • زال يزول

    to die down

  • زال يزال

    to stop

  • سأَل يسأَل

    to ask

  • سبّ يسُبّ

    to insult; to swear

  • سبَق يسبُِق

    to precede

  • سفِه يسفَه

    to be stupid

  • سقَط يسقُط

    to fall

  • سكَن يسكُن

    to dwell; to be still

  • سلَف يسلُف

    to be over/done

  • سلِم يسلَم

    to be safe; to be sound/correct

  • سمِع يسمَع

    to hear

  • ساء يسوء

    to be/become bad/evil

  • سوِي يسوى

    to be equal; to be smooth and the like

  • سار يسير

    to travel (by night)

  • سال يسيل

    to flow

  • شجُع يسجُع

    to be brave/encouraged

  • شدّ يشِدّ

    to be firm/solid/intense/violent/etc

  • شرِب يشرَب

    to drink

  • شرَط يشرُِط

    to stipulate; many other meanings

  • شرِك يشرَك

    to share

  • شعَر يشعُر

    to feel (an emotion)

  • شغَل يشغَل

    to preoccupy (someone)

  • شهِد يشهَد

    to witness; to testify

  • صبَر يصبِر

    to be patient; other meanings

  • صحا يصحو

    to regain consciousness; to wake up

  • صلَح يصلُح

    to be proper/righteous

  • صنَع يصنَع

    to make; other meanings

  • ضجّ يضِجّ

    to be noisy

  • ضرَب يضرِب

    to hit; other meanings

  • ضعُف يضعُف

    to be weak

  • ضمِن يضمَن

    to guarantee/be liable

  • ضاع يضيع

    to lose one’s way

  • ضاق يضيق

    to be tight/narrow/etc

  • طرَح يطرَح

    to toss; to cull

  • طرَق يطرُق

    to knock

  • طعِم يطعَم

    to taste

  • طلَب يطلُب

    to look for

  • طلَع يطلُع

    to rise (e.g. the sun); to ascend

  • طهَر يطهَُر

    to be clean/pure

  • طاق يطوق

    to able (to do something)

  • طاب يطيب

    to be good/pleasant/agreeable/etc

  • طار يطير

    to fly

  • ظنّ يظُنّ

    to know; to assume/believe

  • ظهَر يظهَر

    to be apparent/manifest

  • عبَد يعبُد

    to worship

  • عبَر يعبُر

    to traverse

  • عجِب يعجَب

    to be amazed

  • عدّ يعُدّ

    to count/enumerate; to consider among

  • عدَل يعدِل

    to be fair

  • عذَر يعذِر

    to excuse/forgive

  • عرَف يعرِف

    to know/recognize

  • عطِش يعطَش

    to be thirsty

  • عقَد يعقِد

    to tie/knot/lock/etc; other meanings

  • علِق يعلَق

    to hang; to be hung; to cling

  • علِم يعلَم

    to know

  • عمِل يعمَل

    to do/work

  • عاد يعود

    to return

  • عاق يعوق

    to hinder

  • غرّ يغُرّ

    to mislead

  • غضِب يغضَب

    to become angry

  • غفَر يغفِر

    to forgive

  • غلَب يغلِب

    to overpower/conquer

  • غلَق يغلِق

    to lock; to close

  • غاب يغيب

    to disappear

  • فتَح يفتَح

    to open

  • فرّ يفِرّ

    to flee

  • فرَق يفرُق

    to separate/divide

  • فشِل يفشَل

    to lose heart; to fail

  • فصَل يفصِل

    to detach

  • فضَل يفضُل

    to be better

  • فقَد يفقُد

    to lose something

  • فات يفوت

    to slip away

  • فاض يفيض

    to overflow

  • قبَض يقبِض

    to seize

  • قبِل يقبَل

    to accept

  • قتَل يقتُل

    to kill

  • قدَر يقدِر

    to possess ability

  • قدِم يقدَم

    to arrive

  • قرَأ يقرَأ

    to read

  • قسَم يقسِم

    to categorize

  • قصَد يقصِد

    to make something a goal/aim/intention

  • قضى يقضي

    to execute/perfume

  • قطَع يقطَع

    to cut

  • قعَد يقعُد

    to sit

  • قلَب يقلِب

    to turn/flip/etc

  • قال يقول

    to say

  • قام يقوم

    to stand

  • كتَب يكتُب

    to write; to ordain

  • كتَم يكتُم

    to hide/conceal

  • كذَب يكذِب

    to lie

  • كرِه يكرَه

    to dislike

  • كسَر يكسِر

    to break

  • كشَف يكشِف

    to remove a covering

  • كاد يكيد

    to deceive/dupe

  • لبِس يلبَس

    to wear

  • لحِق يلحَق

    to catch up; to be joint to

  • لزِم يلزَم

    to be necessary; to adhere to

  • لعِب يلعَب

    to play

  • مدّ يمُدّ

    to extend/be long

  • مرّ يمُرّ

    to pass by

  • مسّ يمَسّ

    to touch

  • مضى يمضي

    for something to pass

  • مطَر يمطُر

    to rain

  • ملأ يملأ

    to fill up

  • ملَك يملِك

    to take/have possession / to own

  • منَع يمنَع

    to prevent

  • نجَح ينجَح

    to end up successful

  • نزَل ينزِل

    to descend

  • نسِي ينسى

    to forget

  • نشَأ ينشَأ

    to grow

  • نصَح ينصَح

    to advise

  • نصَر ينصُر

    to help

  • نضِج ينضَج

    to become mature

  • نظَر ينظُر

    to look

  • نفَع ينفَع

    to benefit

  • نقَل ينقُل

    to move/relocate (something)

  • نهى ينهي

    to forbid

  • نام ينوم

    to sleep

  • نوى ينوي

    to intend

  • هدا يهدي

    to guide

  • هلَك يهلِك

    to perish; to be annihilated

  • وجَب يجِب

    to be necessary

  • وجَد يجِد

    to find (not to look for)

  • وصَل يصِل

    to arrive; to combine/link; other meanings

  • وضَع يضَع

    to put

  • وقَع يقَع

    to fall; to occur

  • وقَف يقِف

    to stop

  • ولَد يلِد

    to give birth (even for masculine)