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Anglistik (English Studies) Language Analysis Vocabulary

Anglistik (English Studies) Language Analysis Vocabulary

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Items (23)

  • morpheme

    smallest meaningful grammatical unit in a language

  • collocation

    words that usually come up together

  • colligation

    a subtype of collocation, lexical item plus grammatical pattern

  • syntax

    study of sentence structure

  • derivational morphology

    study of word formation

  • inflectional morphology

    study of variation in form of single lexical item for grammatical purposes

  • immediate constituent

    a phrase that comes next in the hierarchy

  • sentence

    largest unit in grammar, complex, compound and simple

  • clause

    a grammatical unit whose main structural patterns involve combinations of the functions subject, predicator, predicative complement, adjuncts

  • phrase

    a grammatical unit intermediate between a word and a clause

  • head-dependent phrase construction

    fluffy toy

  • relator - axis phrase construction

    to the ocean, club's

  • descriptive grammar

    how grammar is used

  • prescriptive grammar

    how grammar should be used

  • syntactic category

    part of speech, syntactic class

  • syntactic category definition

    determined by grammatical properties that a constituent charges with other forms

  • syntactic category examples

    Noun, Verb, adverb, adjective, preposition, determinative

  • syntactic function

    the role it plays in a construction

  • syntactic function examples

    subject, object, modifier

  • grammar is

    a set of rules in the human brain

  • grammar is

    a central area to linguistics divided into morphology and syntax

  • grammar is

    the study of word arrangement and their form

  • constituent

    each unit that is part of a higher unit