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English Vocabulary Collection

English Vocabulary Collection

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Collected by Jenny

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Items (121)

  • rim


  • living proof


  • outsmart


  • voracious


  • fall victim to

    屈服於. . .;成為 . . . 祭品,受 . . . 傷害

  • unwittingly


  • inescapable


  • prime

    (v) 做好準備

  • out and about


  • in the human sense


  • cling to one's own view


  • cling to old ideas


  • abide by


  • soul-searching


  • As it turns out, S + V


  • in excess of


  • lip gloss


  • luscious

    a. 女性(性感的);甜美多汁的

  • apply cosmetics


  • apply to

    適用於(The new regulations apply to everyone at the office.)

  • beyond one's imagination


  • rake in

    迅速(大量)地獲得(財富)(Jim raked in a lot of money after selling his website to a leading company.)

  • go viral


  • be under guarantee

    在保固期限內(The laptop is under guarantee for one year.)

  • take... by storm

    使……為之風靡 (This young designer has taken the fashion industry by storm.)

  • preach

    說教( I'm so glad he had to leave; otherwise he'd be here preaching to me all night again. )

  • gleam


  • glitter


  • glaze

    (v) 給...上釉/上光 (n)光滑的表層 (They found several glazed clay pots in the ancient tomb. )

  • glimmer

    搖曳的微光(A light glimmered at the end of the passage)

  • glare

    刺眼的強光,顯眼(The sunlight glared on the ice.)

  • glint

    (n)閃閃發光(The sea glinted in the moonlight.)(n)不友好的眼神(Hostility glinted in his eyes.)

  • clout

    影響力(political/financial clout)

  • ravage


  • revamp

    改造(He is also revamping the 40,000 banners, wall text, signs and symbols that explain the museum’s treasures in French.)

  • pull in

    (Of a bus or train) arrive to take passengers:There is a 30-minute wait standing in the cold on Platform 3 before the train finally pulls in at 3.45 pm.

  • late bloomer


  • early bloomer


  • take down

    to write something down(Reporters took down every word of his speech.)

  • take after

    to follow somebody quickly(I was afraid that if I started running the man would take after me.)

  • look through

    to examine or read something quickly(She looked through her notes before the exam.)

  • break off

    to stop speaking or stop doing something for a time(He broke off in the middle of a sentence.)

  • concourse

    A large open area inside or in front of a public building, as in an airport or train station

  • make it big

    to be very successful (He's hoping to make it big on TV.)

  • at somebody’s expense

    paid for by somebody (We were taken out for a meal at the company's expense.)

  • contingent on

    視…而定的(Outdoor arrangements are, as ever, contingent on the weather.)

  • whistle-blower


  • discretion

    決定權(Students can be expelled at the discretion of the headteacher)

  • prevailing

    現有的;通行的(a prevailing rule/attitude)

  • inadvertently


  • pertain to sth


  • pertinent


  • set sth forth

    闡明The management board has set out its goals/plans/proposals for the coming year.

  • liability

    (法律上對某事物的)責任,義務(He denies any liability for the damage caused.)

  • dismissal


  • to this end

    爲了這個目的(He wanted science students to take an interest in the arts, and to this end he ran literature classes at his home on Sunday afternoons.)

  • perpetrator


  • uphold

    支援,維護(尤指法律上的決議)(As a police officer you are expected to uphold the law whether you agree with it or not.)

  • subordinate


  • demeaning

    羞辱的,貶低的 It was very demeaning to be criticized in front of all my colleagues.

  • exhaustive

    詳盡的;全面的(These examples are not exhaustive.)

  • in accordance with a rule/law/wish/etc.

    依照規則/法律/意願等 You are encouraged to report it in accordance with the following procedure.

  • as appropriate


  • memorabilia


  • set aside

    撥出錢來(Every week I put aside a few pounds for a new TV.)

  • stow

    儲存,儲藏(=store)(There's a big cupboard under the stairs for stowing toys.)

  • customary

    (=usual) She's not her customary cheerful self today.

  • vet

    to examine something or someone carefully to make certain that they are acceptable or suitable(During the war, the government vetted all news reports before they were published.)

  • interim

    暫時的,過度時期的An interim government was set up for the period before the country's first free election.

  • incidentals


  • discretionary

    decided by officials and not fixed by rules (由官員)自行決定的

  • troupe


  • sass

    對…出言不遜;跟…頂嘴Don't you sass your father like that!

  • do not make the grade


  • interminable


  • comport


  • comportment


  • weed sth out

    to get rid of unwanted things or people from a group(The new taxi services use reviews to weed out those they do not wish to serve.)

  • stellar

    describes people or their activities that are of an extremely high standard (a stellar performance/player/team)

  • shower everyone with praise


  • push your way through


  • bulge

    凸起,鼓起 Her bags were bulging with shopping.

  • vault


  • leonine


  • frenetic

    involving a lot of movement or activity; extremely active, excited or uncontrolled(what is the meaning behind this unique and frenetic lion dance?)

  • focal point

    the thing that everyone looks at or is interested in(The television is usually the focal point of the living room.)

  • flora and fauna

    The flora and fauna of a place are its plants and animals.

  • wreak havoc


  • artisan


  • shaggy

    毛髮粗長而蓬亂的a shaggy dog/pony

  • ward sth off

    to prevent something unpleasant from harming or coming close to you(In the winter I take vitamin C to ward off colds.)

  • go hand in hand with sth

    與...關係密切In the south, lion dancing goes hand in hand with martial arts.

  • piss off

    (叫別人)滾開 Why don't you just piss off - you've caused enough problems already!

  • piss sb off

    惹某人生氣He never does any washing-up and it's starting to piss me off.

  • annoyed->upset->mad->furious->raging->storming


  • Stringent

    嚴格的,苛刻We need to introduce more stringent security measures such as identity cards.

  • connotation


  • successively

    越來越... In the fall, the days get successively shorter.

  • rags-to-riches

    白手起家的;貧民致富的 Many women have been inspired by Oprah's rags-to-riches tale.

  • self-made

    白手起家的 Silicon Valley is home to many self-made millionaires.

  • usher in

    引入;開創(尤指重大的變化或新事物)Yesterday's match between Arsenal and Spurs ushered in the start of the new season.

  • default on sth

    拖欠,不履行債務;違約People who default on their mortgage repayments may have their home repossessed.

  • militant


  • offscreen

    演员在私生活中 Offscreen, Lively is an avid cook.

  • avid

    Adj. 热衷的;干劲十足的an avid football fan

  • well-rounded

    全面的It's a well-rounded article which is fair to both sides of the dispute./She describes herself as a "well-rounded person" who works hard but has a varied social life.

  • wrap up

    总结 The story wrapped up the causes of air pollution in the city.

  • wrap up

    (口语)顺利完成;结束The meeting wrapped up before lunch.

  • Acceptance speech


  • lofty

    Adj. 崇高的;极高的Tod set some lofty goals for himself this year.

  • screenplay


  • near to someone's heart

    受到某人的重视 Animal welfare is a cause near to Dianne's heart.

  • cause

    n.目标;使命;志业They are fighting for a cause - the liberation of their people.

  • afflict

    V.使痛苦;折磨 The rare disease afflicts the young and the old alike.

  • tough-as-nails

    Adj.冷酷无情的 The actor often played tough-as-nails soldiers or police officers.

  • bring sb to sb's feet

    使某人起立鼓掌 The singer's performance brought the audience to its feet.

  • bring/move sb to tears

    使某人感动落泪 The sad movie brought many viewers to tears.

  • carry over

    延续下去 The media experience Brenda got from her previous job carried over to her new career in advertising.

  • go above and beyond

    更勝於;超過 This game go above and beyond what previous computer games have done.

  • go the extra mile

    額外付出努力 The person who gets promoted is often the one who will go the extra mile.

  • headdress