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description of IPA sounds

description of IPA sounds

Last update 

Learn the description of all IPA consonants

Items (24)

  • voiceless, bilabial, plosive


  • voiced, bilabial, plosive


  • voiced, bilabial, nasal


  • voiceless, labiodental, fricative


  • voiced, labiodental, fricative


  • voiceless, dental, fricative


  • voiced, dental, fricative


  • voiceless, alveolar, plosive


  • voiced, alveolar, plosive


  • voiceless, alveolar, fricative


  • voiced, alveolar, fricative


  • voiced, alveolar, nasal


  • voiced, alveolar, lateral approximant


  • voiced, postalveolar, approximant


  • voiceless, palatoalveolar, affricative


  • voiced, palatoalveolar, affricative


  • voiceless, palatoalveolar, fricative


  • voiced, palatoalveolar, fricative


  • voiced, palatal, approximant


  • voiceless, velar, plosive


  • voiced, velar, plosive


  • voiced, velar, nasal


  • voiced, velar, approximant


  • voiceless, glottal, fricative