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Inflammation Vocab

Inflammation Vocab

Last update 

Foundation Pathology Vocabulary

Items (9)

  • non-specific and predictable response to injury


  • cardinal sign of inflammation

    redness, swelling, redness, pain

  • clincal representation of inflammation

    fever, leukocytosis, fatigue and exhaustion

  • pyrogen

    interleukin-1, tumor necrosis factor, prostaglandin

  • process of inflammation

    intitation, amplification, destruction, termination

  • initiation acute inflammation leukocyte

    polymorphonuclear neutrophil (PMNs)

  • destruction process in inflammation by


  • chronic inflmmation includes

    lymphocyte, monocyte, plasma cell

  • vascular event in acute inflammation

    vasoconstriction, vasodilation, increased permeability of endothelial cell