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Abdomen Pathology

Abdomen Pathology

Last update 

MIS abdomen

Items (20)

  • gas in peritoneum VS gas in stomach

    present in both sides; blunted fluid level

  • pneumoperitoneum

    double wall sign

  • gas in retroperitoneum

    too radiolucent, clear kidney outline

  • abscess in liver

    round, space occupying leison

  • gastric outflow obstruction

    slowly discharging food into intestine

  • distended small bowel


  • distended large bowel


  • volvulus

    mal-rotation of bowel

  • constipation

    overloading of ball-like faeces

  • hepatomegaly

    enlarged liver; R. kidney higher than liver

  • splenomegaly


  • enlarged kidnely

    acute glomerulonephritis; normal 9-13cm

  • congenital anomaly

    horseshoe kidney

  • pimperforate anus

    invert positioning of baby

  • gall stone common patient

    middle-aged female patient

  • staghorn stone

    calcium phosphate

  • ureteric stone exam method

    IVU, 凹ureter

  • bladder calculi

    dysuria, haematuria

  • prostate gland calcification

    rmb to check pubic angle for sex

  • IVC filter

    prevent pulmonary emboli arising from deep venous thrombus