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psyche 101 pt 2

psyche 101 pt 2

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  • Piaget stages of Cognitive Development

    Sensorimotor, Preoperational, concrete operational, formal operational

  • schema

    Framework that organizes and interprets info

  • Example of Schema

    Dogs have four legs

  • Cognition

    All the mental activities associated with thinking, remembering, communicating, speaking

  • Piaget's theory

    Mind develops because of our unceasing struggle to make sense of our experiences

  • Schemas use which 2 processes

    Assimilation, Accomodation

  • Assimilation

    Process of interpreting new experiences with current understandings

  • Accomodation

    Adjusting schemas to new information provided by new experiences

  • Sensorimotor

    Experience through senses and actions; looking, touching, hearing, etc.

  • Preoperational

    Representing things with words and images; using intuitive rather than logical reasoning

  • Concrete operational

    Thinking logically about concrete events; grasping analogies and performing arithmetical operations

  • Formal operational

    Abstract reasoning

  • Egocentrism

    Difficulty perceiving things from another's point of view

  • Theory of Mind

    Ability to read intentions

  • Concrete Op

    Mental operations that allow logical thinking of concrete events

  • Formal Operational

    Ability to think logically about abstract concepts

  • Attachment

    An emotional tie with another person

  • Contact Comfort

    The innate pleasure derived from close physical contact

  • Temperament

    A person's characteristic emotional reactivity and intensity

  • Harry Harlow

    Chimpanzee Experiment

  • Mary Ainsworth

    Strange situation; children put in playrooms, detached and reunited with moms

  • Konrad Lorenz

    Baby duckling experiment; imprinting

  • Karin Wyn

    Baby Math