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psyche pt 3

psyche pt 3

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  • Erickson

    8 Stages. Trust/mistrust, Autonomy/shame&doubt, Initiative/guilt, Competence/inferiority, Identity/role confusion, Intimacy/isolation, Generativity/stagnation, integrity/despair

  • Trust/mistrust

    If needs are dependably met, infants develop a sense of basic trust.

  • Autonomy/Shame&doubt

    Toddlers learn to exercise their will and do things for themselves, or doubt their abilities

  • Initiative/guilt

    Preschoolers learn to initiate tasks and carry out plans, or they feel guilty about their efforts to be independent

  • Competence/inferiority

    Children learn the pleasure of applying themselves to tasks, or they feel inferior.

  • Identity/role confusion

    Teens work at refining a sense of self by testing roles then integrating into single identity, or become confused about who they are.

  • Intimacy/isolation

    Young adults struggle to form emotionally close relationships; capacity for love, or they feel socially isolated.

  • Generativity/stagnation

    Middle age people discover a sense of contributing to the world, or they feel a lack of purpose

  • Integrity/despair

    Reflecting on life, an older adult may feel satisfaction or failure

  • Old Age

    Senility, Depression&passivity, Weakness&fraility

  • Senility

    Often Caused by meds

  • Depression/Passivity

    Result of a loss of meaningful work

  • Weakness/fraility

    Caused by sedentary lifestyles

  • Physical Losses associated with genetics

    Estimated 30%

  • Norms

    Rules that regulate life

  • role

    I given social position that is governed by a set of norms for proper behavior

  • Culture

    A program of shared rules that govern the behavior of members of a community or society.

  • 3 types of social influence

    Conformity, Compliance, Obedience

  • Conformity

    Tendency for people to bring their behavior in line with group norms & standards

  • compliance

    Changing behavior in response to a request

  • Obedience

    Change in behavior in response to a command

  • Zimbardo

    Prison Experiment, lasted 4 days

  • Milgram

    Shocks person if words aren't remembered

  • Christina Maslach

    Zimbardo's S.O. felt ill after seeing experiment, had convo w/guard

  • The Nice guard

    Nicknamed John Wayne, viewed as sadistic by both guards and prisoners

  • Zimbardos Flaw

    No measurement of dependent variable

  • Stereotype

    Cognitive schemas of a group, where group traits are assigned to individuals within the group

  • Explicit Prejudice

    Conscious effort to degrade people/groups

  • Implicit Prejudice

    Exhibit social bias w/o being aware, automatic

  • Sharif study

    Robbers cave summer camp. Measure hostility Vs Friendship