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Biology pt. 2

Biology pt. 2

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Items (21)

  • Cytoskeleton

    internal protein scaffold that supports a cell

  • central vacuole

    stores proteins, pigment, waste. for plants

  • Vesicle

    small sac, stores and transports

  • nucleolus

    where RNA is made, inside nucleus

  • Nuclear Envelope

    2 phospholipid bilayer membranes

  • Nuclear Pores

    Shallow depressions in the nuclear Envelope

  • Chromatin

    Single strand DNA with proteins

  • mRNA

    Messenger RNA, carries coding info of DNA

  • tRNA

    Carries Amino Acids

  • rRNA

    Ribosome RNA, composed of both mRNA and tRNA and makes a ribosome

  • Rough ER

    Creates glycoproteins

  • Smooth ER

    Synthesis of steroids, lipids, carbs. Stores Ca+2, modifies toxins

  • Ribosomes

    Production of proteins; synthesizes proteins

  • Golgi Apparatus

    Packaging, collection, distribution of molecules

  • Vesicle

    transports molecules

  • Lysomes

    Digestive vesicles, break down proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, and carbs

  • Phagocytosis

    Engulfing of "something"; think white blood cells

  • Oxidation

    Loss of electron

  • Reduction

    Gain of electrons

  • Hydrolisis

    Cleavage of molecules by introduction of water

  • Catalase

    Breaks down hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) into water and hydrogen (inside peroxisome)