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55 common English phrasal verbs

55 common English phrasal verbs

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55 common phrasal verbs

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  • APPLY FOR--To apply for the job, you need to write an application letter.

    ask for, demand (job/grant/license)

  • BREAK DOWN--My computer broke down yesterday.

    cease to work correctly (physical/mental)

  • BREAK INTO--Some burglars broke into the bank last night.

    enter by force

  • BRING ABOUT--Laziness brings about failure.

    cause to happen

  • CALM DOWN--Try to calm down before the interview.


  • CARRY ON--You should carry on with your project.


  • CHECK ON--He sent someone to check on the children.

    look at, inspect

  • COME IN--The door is open; come in!


  • COME BACK--They will have come back from Fes by this afternoon.


  • COME ACROSS--I came across an old photo of mine.

    meet by chance

  • CUT DOWN--You'd better cut down on your fat intake.


  • EAT OUT--On Sundays, they always eat out.

    eat outside the house (at a restaurant)

  • FALL FOR--She falls for him.

    fall in love

  • FILL IN--You have to fill in the form before e-mailing it.

    complete (a form)

  • FIND OUT--Nobody has found out who changed my password yet.


  • GIVE IN--She shouldn't give in now that she has almost achieved success.

    surrender, stop trying

  • GIVE UP--He must give up smoking before it is too late.


  • GO ON--When you finish this exercise go on to the next.


  • GO THROUGH--I went through hard times when I was abroad.


  • GROW UP--Girls grow up faster than boys.

    become older/mature

  • HAND IN--When I had finished the test, I handed in my paper and left.

    give back (papers)

  • HAND OUT--The teacher handed out the test sheets at 8:00 sharp


  • JOT DOWN--He advised us to jot down ideas before writing.

    write down (ideas)

  • KEEP UP WITH--It is hard to keep up with the rapid change of technology.

    cope with

  • LET DOWN--Be sure that your parents will never let you down.


  • LIE DOWN--It is normal to lie down after hard work.

    relax, rest

  • LOOK AFTER--Leila is looking after her grand mother pretty well.

    take care of

  • LOOK AT--The doctors are looking at the patient right now.


  • LOOK DOWN ON--Don't look down on anyone, they may be better than you are.

    despise, see as inferior

  • LOOK FOR--I looked for my keys in the drawer but they weren't there.


  • LOOK FOWARD TO--I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    long for

  • LOOK INTO--They are looking into the matter.

    examine, investigate

  • LOOK OUT--Look out! our dog has got 42 teeth.

    be careful, pay attention

  • LOOK UP--I was looking up your phone number when you phoned me.

    search in a dictionary/list/phonebook

  • MAKE UP--Don't believe her; she likes to make up stories.

    invent (pretext/story)

  • PASS AWAY--My mother passed away in February 2003.


  • PICK UP--Children can pick up foreign languages easier than adults.


  • PUT ON--She put her jacket on and went out hurriedly.


  • PUT OFF--I was informed that the meeting was put off until next week.


  • PUT UP--They needn't book a room at the hotel; we can put them up.


  • PUT UP WITH--She can't put up with those nosy children.


  • RUN INTO--Our project may run into financial problems sooner or later.

    meet by chance

  • SET OFF--He didn't wait to st off for France when he got a visa.


  • STAND BY--Please, stand by we are checking your password.


  • STAND FOR--U.N. stands for United Nations.


  • SET UP--They are trying to set up their own business.

    build, establish

  • TAKE AFTER--She greatly takes after her aunt.


  • TAKE CARE OF--They took care of the children when we were out.

    look after

  • TAKE OFF--When your plane landed, ours took off.

    leave the ground (plane)

  • TAKE OFF--Due to the hot weather, all the boys took off their jackets.

    # put on (clothes)

  • TAKE UP--My grandmother takes up Karate.

    begin a new (a hobby/lessons)

  • TELL OFF--He told his sister off as he knew she meddled with his affairs.

    criticize severely

  • TURN DOWN--She was turned down because of age.

    refuse, reject

  • TURN OFF--Don't forget to turn off the TV before you go to bed.

    stop the function of (TV, Radio)

  • WRITE DOWN--The students wrote down all the teacher's instructions.