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Digestion Terms

Digestion Terms

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Items (15)

  • Source of salivary amylase

    Salivary glands

  • Substrate of salivary amylase

    Amylose (starch)

  • Products of salivary amylase

    Maltose and glucose

  • Optimum pH of salivary amylase


  • Source of pepsin

    Stomach cells

  • Substrate of pepsin

    Proteins (polypeptides)

  • Products of pepsin

    Amino acids

  • Optimum pH of pepsin

    3 (acidic)

  • Source of pancreatic lipase

    Pancreas cells

  • Substrate of pancreatic lipase


  • Products of pancreatic lipase

    fatty acids and glycerol

  • Optimum pH of pancreatic lipase


  • Role of hydrochloric acid in the stomach

    Degrades and breaks down foods and creates an acidic environment for the pepsin

  • Role of mucus in the stomach

    Lines the wall and prevents the acid from damaging the stomach

  • Main function of the large intestine

    Water absorption