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Supporting Windows 70-688 #1

Supporting Windows 70-688 #1

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Study quiz questions Supporting Windows 8.1 exam 70-688 Lessons 1-3

Items (44)

  • To create a Windows To Go workspace on a USB drive, what minimum size USB drive will you require?

    32 GB

  • Which of the following command-line tools changes the default locale from US English to Japanese for a Windows 8 computer?


  • Which of the following hardware items is not compatible with Windows To Go workspaces?

    A USB hub

  • When using sysprep on the master computer, why do you include the /oobe parameter?

    It presents the Windows Welcome Wizard on the next boot.

  • Which of the following represents the correct command to use to set the boot timeout value that controls the length of time the computer waits to load the default operating system?

    Bcdedit /timeout

  • Which of the following functions does the System Preparation Utility (Sysprep.exe) perform on a system?

    It removes a system's name and SID.

  • Which of the following represents what an operating system GUID would look like in the BCD store?


  • In Windows Server 2012 R2, what virtual image file provides for the largest size?

    VHDX files, up to 64 TB

  • In older versions of Windows, such as Windows XP, the boot.ini file was used to provide the function that is now provided by which of the following items?

    Boot Configuration Data (BCD) file

  • Which of the following utilities must be run on a cloned system to ensure that the clone receives its own SID?


  • What could be considered a disadvantage of using the VHDX file format for your virtual hard disks?

    It only works on Windows 8 systems.

  • Which of the following tools is recommended for creating an autounattend.xml file?

    System Image Manager (SIM)

  • After you have removed the binaries for a feature from your Windows Server 2012 R2 computer, what status will be displayed for that feature if you run the dism /online /get-features command?

    Disabled with Payload Removed

  • Where in a system do you configure PXE?


  • If you see the "Boot Configuration Data for your PC is missing or contains errors" message or a similar error during the boot process, which of the following steps is usually the best first step to take in your corrective actions?

    Use the Bootrec /rebuildbcd command

  • How do you mount a Windows image using Dism.exe so that you can update it?


  • When choosing between disk types in the New Virtual Hard Disk Wizard, what type permits an image size up to 2 TB?


  • When you add a Windows update to a WIM image file, the Windows update must be in which of the following file formats

    .cab file

  • App-V has many beneficial characteristics that make it appealing. Which of the following is not one of these characteristics?

    No additional software is required to be installed.

  • The Application Compatibility Manager provides several reports for viewing. Which of the following listed reports is not available in the ACM?

    Problems Encountered

  • What Hyper-V feature can you use to return to a known good previous state in your VM?


  • What is the only type of virtual switch that allows communication between VMs and the physical computer they run?


  • What type of virtual switch allows only communication between VMs on a computer?


  • Which App-V server role is responsible for hosting and streaming virtual applications?

    App-V Publishing server

  • Which feature provides a similar approach to roaming profiles but maintains the experience across multiple devices?

    User Experience Virtualization (UE-V)

  • Which of the following terms can be used to describe compatibility fixes that are available with the Compatibility Administrator tool?


  • Which of the following tools can be used to resolve issues caused by User Account Control (UAC))?

    Standart User Analyzer (SUA)

  • Which tool determines whether or not applications, devices, and computers will work with a new operating system, while maintaining the results into a database?

    Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT)

  • What is the default configuration of AppLocker?

    All applications can run

  • On which tab of the Office 365 portal can you view upcoming planned maintenance activities?

    Service Health

  • Which of the following presents the correct order in which Group Policy Objects are applied?

    Local, Site, Domain, OU

  • When you create your first new rule in AppLocker, what will happen if you do not have the default rules in place?

    You will be prompted to create the default rules

  • Which role is given to the person who creates the Office 365 account for your company?

    global Administrator

  • Your organization has 20 users. You need to have File storage and sharing, Office Online, and Desktop version of Office. Which Office 365 business plan is the least expensive option for what you need?

    Office 365 Small Business Premium

  • When Office 365 is set up for your company, which of the following features is set up by default?

    A SharePoint team site

  • To allow Windows To Go workspace users to use the Windows Store, which Group Policy setting must be enabled?

    Allow Store to install apps on Windows To Go workspaces.

  • Which Office 365 deployment model only allows for 32-bit Office 2013 deployments?

    Deploying directly form the Office 365 portal

  • When you add a new user to Office 365, that user receives a temporary password. How long is the temporary password valid?

    90 days

  • What is the default password expiration value in Office 365?

    90 days

  • By default, how many days in advance of an Office 365 user's password expiring will the user begin receiving notifications of the upcoming expiration?

    14 days

  • Which of the following is not an AppLocker rule collection type available for usage when creating AppLocker rules?

    Unsigned files

  • When looking at the service health of your Office 365 account, how many days of health history are displayed initially?

    7 days

  • Which of the following Office 2013 products is not available in the Office 365 Small business Premium offering?


  • When your organization signs up for Office 365, on how many devices can each user use Office products?