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Supporting Windows 8.1 70-688 #2

Supporting Windows 8.1 70-688 #2

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Supporting Windows 8.1 study questions Lessons 3-6 Microsoft exam 70-688

Items (20)

  • By default, after how much time has elapsed in a client's DHCP lease will the client attempt to renew the lease?

    50% of the lease time

  • Cached resourced reords are stored for a specifi period of time known as what?

    Time to Live

  • How many bits in length is an IPv4 address?

    32 bits

  • The Windows operating system supports three name-resolution systems. Which of the following is not a name-resolution system?

    Address Resolution Protocol

  • What does the IP address of with a subnet mask of represent

    a network address

  • What is the correct binary representation of the IP address


  • What is used to convert a DHCP client's broadcast message into a unicast message for traversal over a router?

    DHCP relay agent

  • When would a LLMNR client use LLMNR instead of other forms of name resolution?

    Only when the primary and secondary DNS servers are unreachable

  • Which IPv4 IP class provides for 126 unique networks, each having up to 16,777,214 hosts?

    Class A

  • Which IPv4-to IPv6 transition technology works through NAT IPv4 routers by establishing tunnel endpoints behind non-IPv6 routers that encapsulate IPv6 packets with UDP datagrams?


  • Which WPA mode of operation uses a session key that is changed each time the wireless client communicates with the AP?

    Enterprise mode

  • Which command is used to determine the MAC address of the default gateway?


  • Which command is used to determine the route a packet takes?


  • Which of the following Windows Firewall with Advanced Security (WFAS) profiles is most appropriate if you are connected to an open hot spot at a local coffee shop?


  • Which of the following best describes Intra-Site Automatic Tunnel Addressing Protocol (ISATAP)?

    ISATAP emulates an IPv6 link for use on an IPv4 network.

  • Which of the following encapsulates IPv6 packets within User Datagram Protocol (UDP) datagrams between two registered IPv4 nodes in order to traverse IPv4 networks?


  • Which of the following is a tunneling protocol that emulates an IPv6 link using an IPv4 network, primarily for Windows workstation operating systems?


  • Which of the following would be considered a second-level domain?

  • Which technology helps transition IPv4 networks to IPv6 by expressing IPv4 addresses in IPv6 format?


  • Which troubleshooting utility allows you to generate DNS request messages and transmit them to specific DNS servers on the network?