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Surface systems

Surface systems

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Surface systems

Items (50)

  • define the 3 zones on a rig

    0 - explosive gas/air mixture constantly present1 -_explosive gas/air mixture likely2 -_explosive gas/air mixture not likely

  • define IS, EXE, P&_P, Safety barriers

    intrinsically safe - low power, (cables)explosion proof -_purged and pressurized - OLUsafety barrier - interface between safe &_ hazardous zones (limit voltage entering hazardous zone) ASAP, ESAM

  • how do barriers limit power to hazardous zone?

    resistors - limit currentzener diodes - limit voltage (ground/signal line)fuses - limit current flowing out of OLU

  • define the DWE, DWC, KRS, PSS

    draworks encoderdepth wire calibratorkelly rotation sensorpump stroke counter

  • define IRCT, ICPC, CWS

    ideal rigfloor color teminalideal client PCcompact wellsite system


    advanced signal acquisition processortoolscope interface moduleremote junction boxuniversal cabling systemhorizon signal processing modulewellsite information transfer system

  • list checks before powering up OLU

    available power on rig"strapping" of OLUgrounding

  • List and define the three methods for grounding the Logging Unit

    IS ground, (sensors)chassis,_power / electrical (main)

  • what is the purpose of purging the OLU?

    avoid gasses inside unitmaintain positive pressure

  • what network topology do we use?


  • what are the 2 Ethernet cable types, and where are they used?

    RG58 - hazardous zoneUTP - ethernet w/RJ45 (safe zone)

  • what is the purpose of the HIM

    host interface module - split video signal from MCMP to external monitors

  • why do MCMP's have 2 ethernet cards?

    segregate network segments

  • where do we alter ip addresses?

    control panel network&_sharingLAN connection properties IPv4

  • where do ESAM ip addys run from/to?

  • what command do we use to test communication between computers


  • how do we connect MW &_ HSPM

    if it's on te same machine, local, if not, enter in the ip addy of the HSPM machine. from inside acquisition, HSPM control on maxwell

  • what are the 2 sensor types

    analog &_ digital_

  • what are the pressure ranges &_ threads for the 3 SPT-H series?

    HA-5000psi-NPT, HB-10000psi-NPT, HC-10000 autoclave

  • how do we test functionality of the DSPT

    Start-&gt_Programs-&gt_HSPM-&gt_Diagnostic-&gt_WiSAM Test ApplicationIt will show you the status of the WiSAM and the sensors connected to it

  • SPT-H series: how many wires, what is supply and return_voltages?

    4 wires, 24v supply, 7 return

  • what makes an IS cable

    low powerdoesn't store energySafety barriers must be in place

  • what is a 2 point calibration

    A0 &_ A1, for analog sensors, low point and high

  • what are the required inputs for geoservices calibration?

    OD - drum ODCOD - cable diameterNLB - number of block linesNBG - number of drum groovesCOF1 - completed layers on drumCOF2 - turns on last layerBlock position from rotary table

  • when do we do a drawworks calibration

    start of jobafter slipnsnip

  • how do we calculate OD (drum) with drill line

    measure length of 1 wrap with tape=circumferenceOD=circumference/3.1416-COD

  • where do we access pump inits

    HSPM&gt_pump monitor&gt_pump inits button

  • what is the formula for calculating GPS? on pumps

    ((3.1416*r^2*stk length)/231)*cylinders*efficiency

  • resistors, zener diodes &_ fuses combined is a?

    safety barrier

  • what is the boot procedure for ASAP

    1. Connect ASAP to computer using firewire cable2. Turn on the ASAP, make sure that the computer recognize the ASAP on the plug and play icon on the computer3. Start the HSPM software

  • how many possible addresses are there for ASAP?

    8 - dip switches

  • what are the UJB connections, and the order?

    from 1-6T torqueH hookloadD DWEP pump strokesS1 SPTS2 SPT

  • how do we do a quick test on ASAP

    HSPM&gt_diagnostics&gt_asap quick test

  • what does HSPM stand for?

    high speed processing monitor

  • what does HSPM do

    user interface for the MWD signal received from downhole, and surface measurements from ASAP/ESAM, comms with WITS, data to interact

  • what is acquisition configuration used for

    setup for hardware, ASAP/EASM inputs, multiple sources, enabling/disabling sensors

  • what is the purpose of acquisition monitor

    display of values from enabled sensors, sources &_ channel numbers

  • what are expected voltages in surface acq. monitor

    CLT/PP - 1-5VDCRTS - 0-3VDCSPT-H - 7VDCDWE - 5VDC countsPSS - 5VDC_counts

  • what data is accessible from depth inits?

    slips/hookload control/ weights of equipment DWE direction (MCE) &_ DRILL TIME

  • what should slips threshold be set at?

    5K higher than blockweight &_ kelly weight put together (jackups)

  • what is slips correction for?

    off by same amount every connection

  • what changes the slips status?

    HKLD&lt_&gt_slips threshold

  • What is the formula to calculate the hookload increment:

    Hookload Increment = (Pipe Weight/Foot) x (Buoyancy Factor) x COS(Inclination angle)

  • how many hours is the HSPM buffer

    6-8 hrs

  • what is the PDA, and what are it's components (4)

    precision depth assembly: DWE, DWC, HCA (heave compensator), CLT

  • what is included in the HCA (heave compensator assy.)

    2 RMS (retriver measurement sensors)1 hooked up to MCE, other to GTEmeasure changes in blocks due to waves

  • when should we make_Depth adjustments

    Depth adjustments should be made when the depth is out by +- 0.5 ft or more,NEVER when in a zone of interest,_at kelly down

  • what are 2 main causes of poor depth tracking?

    bad calibration,_block position is out

  • what was ESAM introduced for?

    replace ASAP, next-gen hardware

  • ESAM features?

    DSPT connections, ethernet connections, redundancy ( feeds 2 HSPM's if needed)up to 10 channels