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GRE Pack I

GRE Pack I

Last update 

First page of letters A-C.

Items (20)

  • abate

    Reduce, diminish.

  • abdicate

    Formally give up a position of power, such as a throne.

  • aberrant

    Abnormal, deviant. Elegant aberrationnnnnnnn.

  • abhor

    Detest. Find something disgusting. Abhor is opposite of adore.

  • abjure

    Give up, especially under oath.

  • acme

    Summit, peak. Highest point. Zenith!

  • balk

    Refuse to move forward or do something. Refuse!

  • belie

    Contradict, misrepresent. Outward appearance does not match up with the reality. Her surface calm belied her roiling emotions.

  • disinterested

    Unbiased, neutral

  • equivocal

    Vague, undecided. Does NOT mean equal. Instead of answering the reporter’s question directly, the politician equivocated by providing a vague answer.

  • undermine


  • benign


  • bolster

    Strengthen or support.

  • boor

    Rude. Bumpkin. Boorish.

  • burgeon

    Grow or flourish rapidly. Ex: the dictator was concerned about the people's burgeoning discontent and redoubled his personal security.

  • cacophony

    Harsh mixture of sounds.

  • canonical

    The standard. Body of accepted rules. Ex: Some think students should read books relevant to their lives, others point out that Moby Dick is of the canon for a reason.

  • capricious

    impulsive, erratic.

  • castigate

    Criticize severely. Punish in order to correct.

  • censure

    Strong disapproval or official reprimand.