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99 English Phrasal Verbs Used as Commands

99 English Phrasal Verbs Used as Commands

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100 Phrasal Verbs Used as Commands

Items (99)

  • Back away!

    move backwards, away from something frightening or dangerous

  • Back off!

    (slang – rude) stop bothering or threatening someone

  • Back up!

    move backwards; step backwards; drive backwards

  • Bear down!

    push or press down hard

  • Bend down!

    lean over and forward; lean down

  • Bend over!

    lean forward from the waist

  • Breathe in!

    take a breath in; take air into the lungs

  • Breathe out!

    take a breath out; push air out of the lungs

  • Brighten up!

    be cheerful; be happier

  • Buckle down!

    start working, studying, or doing something else seriously

  • Buddy up!

    find a partner

  • Bugger off!

    (slang – rude) Go away!

  • Butt out!

    (slang ­– rude) don’t interfere

  • Buzz off!

    (slang – rude) Go away!

  • Calm down!

    relax, don’t be angry, don’t be upset, don’t be worried

  • Carry on!

    keep doing what you were doing

  • Cheer up!

    be happier; don’t be sad

  • Chill out!

    relax; don’t be upset or angry

  • Clean up!

    clean yourself or your surroundings

  • Close down!

    close a shop or business so it is not operating

  • Come back!

    return to where you were

  • Come down!

    (1) Move down off something high (2) Come south

  • Come on!

    (1) Do what I am telling you (2) I don't believe you (3) Move faster

  • Come in!

    enter a closed space

  • Come out!

    leave a closed space

  • Come over!

    come to my house; come to where I am

  • Come up!

    move to a higher place

  • Cool down!

    Relax; don’t be upset or angry

  • Cover up!

    put on more clothes

  • Double up!

    form pairs because space or resources are limited

  • Dream on!

    (slang) I don’t think what you have just said will happen

  • Drink up!

    finish your drink

  • Eat up!

    finish your food

  • Fess up!

    (slang) confess / admit what you did; tell the truth about what you did

  • Finish up!

    finish what you have been doing

  • Fuck off!

    (slang – very, very rude) Go away!

  • Gather around!

    make a group and come together in one place

  • Gear up!

    get ready to do something

  • Get away!

    move away; run away; escape

  • Get down!

    come down from a high place

  • Get in!

    go inside something, like a car or bus

  • Get off!

    go out of something, like a bus or train

  • Get on!

    climb on board something moving or about to start moving, like a train

  • Get out!

    (slang ­– rude) Leave this place! (used when angry at someone)

  • Get up!

    become awake; don’t sleep

  • Give up!

    (1) Stop doing what you’re doing (2) Give yourself to the police or authorities

  • Go around!

    move to where you need to go by passing some obstacle instead of going straight

  • Go away!

    leave the place where you are

  • Go back!

    return to where you were

  • Go on!

    continue what you were saying

  • Grow up!

    behave in a mature way; don’t act like a child

  • Hang on!

    (1) Wait (2) Hold tight

  • Hang up!

    end the phone call

  • Hold on!

    waithold this tight or you might fall

  • Hurry up!

    do whatever you are doing quickly, whether it’s physical or mental

  • Keep away!

    stay away; do not go near

  • Keep out!

    stay outside; do not enter

  • Lace up!

    tie your shoelaces; put on your shoes

  • Lay off!

    (slang – rude) stop doing something that bothers someone

  • Lie down!

    put your body in a horizontal position; relax on a bed or sofa

  • Lighten up!

    cheer up; don’t be so serious or worried

  • Line up!

    make or form a line

  • Listen up!

    listen carefully

  • Loosen up!

    (slang) relax; don’t be so stressed

  • Move along!

    keep moving; don’t stop in this spot

  • Move back!

    move to a place in the back

  • Move forward!

    move to a place in the front

  • Move on!

    continue your life; go on with your life

  • Open up!

    Open the door!

  • Perk up!

    cheer up; don’t be sad

  • Press on!

    keep doing what you need to do; don’t give up

  • Pull back!

    move backward

  • Quieten down!

    stop being noisy

  • Queue up!

    Make or form a line

  • Saddle up!

    Get ready to ride a horse by putting the saddle on the horse

  • Scoot over!

    (slang) move to make space for someone else

  • Stand up!


  • Shut up!

    (slang – rude) be quiet; stop talking

  • Sit down!

    sit; be seated

  • Sit up!

    sit straight in your chair, bed, etc.

  • Smarten up!

    become more intelligent and aware of what’s happening around you

  • Speak up!

    talk louder

  • Speed up!

    move faster

  • Stand up!


  • Stay away!

    don’t go near

  • Straighten up!

    stand straight; do not bend

  • Stretch out!

    lie down comfortably

  • Sum up!


  • Take off!

    leave fast

  • Tidy up!

    clean the place; put things in the right places

  • Turn back!

    go backwards

  • Turn over!

    move your body so that the other side faces up

  • Wait up!

    wait for me to catch up with you

  • Wake up!

    don’t sleep anymore; become awake

  • Walk away!

    leave a difficult situation

  • Walk out!

    (1) Leave smb/relationship (2) Leave a situation to show disapproval

  • Watch out!

    be very careful

  • Work away!

    continue working

  • Write back!

    reply to a letter or email